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  3. Philip Whitehouse


    That was me, I think- pleased to be of assistance.
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  5. During the First World War junior Canadian Officer were loan to the British Army. Can any one tell me the correct name of this program? This had nothing to do with pilot officers , but officers placed in infantry and Machine Gun Corps units etc. Thank you for any help.
  6. Clara12


    Hello, Dennis, there is a grey button "quote" or green one named "reply to this topic"
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  8. Philip Whitehouse


    I sincerly hope all this advertising represents a significant income-stream, because it's spoiling any debate.
  9. SCHINDLER”S LIST MOVIE LOCATIONS IN KRAKOW I continue my series of articles from the Poland trip 2018 with a detailed historical tour along the all main movie locations in Krakow, where ‘Schindler’s list’ movie by Steven Spielberg was filmed. Thorough route within Krakow, Plaszow campsite, Auschwitz Birkenau with a detailed map, 50+ of photos, a brief history of the shooting process and the sites, scene-by-scene comparison of the movie with the modern perspective. I would greatly appreciate your feedback, questions, suggestions. It motivates me to work harder. https://war-documentary.info/where-was-schindlers-list-filmed/
  10. Dennis Morrissey


    Hello. Just joined yesterday and asked a question and received my first response. However I wanted to thank and or add to my questions subject resonder. How do I respond to the people that answere/reply to my question? Thank you, Dennis
  11. Philip Whitehouse


    I stand to be corrected, but it looks to me very much like a North American B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber. If so ,there's plenty of information readily available about the aircraft.
  12. Max Barthelmess

    Lost Medals

    My grandfathers medals were supposedly donated to a museum. I am not sure if they were donated to one in Texas or California. I would very much like to know how i can find out where they are if anyone has any ideas.
  13. Dennis Morrissey


    Looking for information on a WWII PLANE. Type, manufacturer, model and history. Found a picture from my uncles memorabilia He was an Army Captain during WWII. He was not a pilot. Please see attached picture.
  14. Brian Espinoza Cuevas

    He 219 Slow???

    Mr. Andrew Knighton, the He 219 was anything, but slow. With a powerplant of two Daimler-Benz DB 603E liquid-cooled inverted V12 engines, developing 1,800 PS (1,324 kW) each, they gave the "Owl" a top speed of 385 mph (616 Km/h). So actually was one of the fastest nightfighters of WWII. Best regards. Brian.
  15. Mikeb216

    White Lilly's

    Excellent article on the female Russian pilot. I thourouly enjoyed the article.writer did an excellent job.
  16. Clara12

    Very confused about my history

    Interesting story. But you wrote nothing about your father. Why dont you just ask him these questions?
  17. Philip Whitehouse

    France-Great Britain.

    Interesting. Are you saying that the British were not justified in trying to prevent the French Fleet from falling into Hitler's hands ?
  18. The German U-Boat. The Deadliest Hunter Of The Sea -The Destroyer of Souls - Jay Hemmings for example, I started reading it and was stopped in my tracks by the assertion "and they were the first nation to use subs during that particular war". Rubbish. Britain was equipped with operational Submarines at the start of the war. Then I got to "In 1939, when the Second World War broke out, Germany had only managed to construct 57 U-boats, but these new U-boats were far sturdier and more technologically advanced than their WWI predecessors, featuring heat-seeking torpedoes, large gun decks, and spiderweb mines". I stopped reading at that point. There is just no room for these sorts of errors in a historical narrative and I'm afraid errors and ommissions of this magnitude make a nonsense of the whole article. To be fair to Mr. Hemmings, he is not the only one authoring articles with significant errors of fact in them and it detracts from the whole site when they are allowed to get past publishers.
  19. Christian Claude Dubois

    France-Great Britain.

    Bonjour from Paris friends. Since the invasion of William the Conqueror, the history of France & Britain has been intimately linked. Until Elisabeth I the country was an island which was to open off from where the birth of the control of the seas by the Kingdom. Who holds the seas holds the lands, France never wanted to choose the wide or the continent. (For the anecdote Napoleon should have been a sailor, but he was seasick). At the fall of this one France left the English master of the seas, thus of commerce. The only true navy of war was for France the one that existed before the Second World War. In 1940 the French navy remained the third in the world. That's why Churchill wanted her to go to the ports of Egypt or the French Caribbean. Nothing was done for, and at Mer El Kebir the English fired first. In 1943 after the landing of the Allies in North Africa the float was scuttled in Toulon without playing the game. Sad reality of a resigning country. Today after the USA France has the greatest surface maritib.me, contains and territories beyond the seas. Like what we are in the hands of destiny. 😎💯%🇫🇷
  20. Earlier
  21. Philip Whitehouse

    Advertising Rubbish.

    Why do we have to put up with it ?
  22. Philip Whitehouse

    The "Maus"Tank.

    According to the News Report. the "Maus" tank might have " changed the outcome of World War Two". Hardly !
  23. Christian Claude Dubois

    Dien Bien Phu 1953 battle.

    💀 Diên Biên Phu from Marsh, 13 until Mat, 07 1954. Last French battle against Vietminh troops. True first steps for the USA. Long war but a real traumatic war for the younger generations. Read the book by John Prados "Vietnam. The History of an Unwinnable War 1945-1975. First part for the French colonial state between 1946-1954 which had also marked that France who had not understood that the world was different. If not nice weekend be safe & good luck too. 😎💯%🇫🇷 https://youtu.be/bE0GsAhFO0A
  24. Douglas Gandy

    I visit to evil

    Incredible pictures and story I did not realize there was a camp pretty much all together still. How come the Germans didn’t try and get rid of evidence like they did in most of the other camps and prisons
  25. First off, let me apologize to all for what clearly appears to be a "rant" in my initial comment. But it is frustrating to see this error repeatedly in the articles on this site. But to answer Philip, the differences between right and left are seen as: the left-wing believes society is best served with an expanded, controlling role for the government, which use social systems and ideologies of force (e.g., socialism, fascism, communism, “progressivism”). The right believes that individual rights and civil liberties are paramount and the role — and especially the power — of the government is minimized, seen in social systems and ideologies of freedom (e.g., capitalism, classical liberalism, constitutional republicanism), and based on fundamental moral truths on which freedom depends. The left believes it is not only ok, but imperative that they take what is yours and spread it to those who did not work for it. The right believes it is their inherent right to keep what they have worked for. Example: we may ask, what about those less fortunate? The left believes in coercion (higher taxes, wealth distribution, etc) to address this problem. The right prefers to use charity and choice (charitable organizations, churches, etc) to address the problem, which by the way has been seen to provide much higher success than force. A current lesson in the news is the destruction of Venezuela by the imposition of socialism as its system of government. Socialism has NEVER worked in any country where it has ever been tried. As long as imperfect humans are running it, it can never work. Sorry for the possibly long-winded answer, but there is, in fact, much more that could be added about these political systems. And one caveat I must state, that even though capitalism is included in much of the discussion about this topic, it is actually a financial system, not a political system. The USA is a federal (constitutional) republic politically and uses capitalism as its financial system.
  26. I kind of agree with Joe, the criterion for distinguishing the 'left' from the 'right' seems to be as arbitrary as Hegel's dialectics. In fact, late Stanford University research fellow Antony Sutton said as much calling 'left-right' division a Hegelian trap. It stroke me as insightful enough to pose when I realized that Hitler's Nazi Germany and Stalin's USSR started the Second World War together - as de facto and de jure allies - by agreeing to and executing the division of Poland, a sovereign European state, in near perfect accord.
  27. Interesting. So what political philosophy would you describe as being "Right Wing "?
  28. Christian Claude Dubois


    Bonjour from Paris. The Pervitine made Germany of the Third Reich a country of cameos, from Hitler to private citizens. The campaign of 1940 is a focus on why this invincibility in this crazy ride. In 1806 Murat, with his cavalry did the same thing in six weeks. At the time it was big red, cognac or other alcohols to hold. To study this period, the allies did the same thing by recovering tubes of pervitine in the pockets of Rudolph Hess in April 1941. Vietnam war hard drugs for American troops. Today same thing again. Read you later if you want. 😎💯%🇫🇷
  29. George Collins

    Ms Gaddis

    Do you remember what area did he say they had found the sites in - at least what country?
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