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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  6. George Collins

    Emancipation proclimation

    In addition to that, in the South it was perceived as an incentive for the slaves to riot, escape and spy on the Confederates. At the end of the war, when the "rebels" faced severe attrition problems, the Confederate Secretary of State Benjamin even pushed his own version of Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves who would fight for the South. This measure, however, was delayed and watered down to the point of being completely ineffective.
  7. Other than the markings stating it is a no4 mk II bayonet what do the other 2 little imprints mean? The B symbol in between the K and II? the little curve with a kind of hook on the right end above the O? - marking or scratch? And lastly, overall value of the bayonet? I have a cover stamped, 1944 mk1 aswell. thanks
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  9. Philip Whitehouse

    Emancipation proclimation

    Yes, I get that. I merely added another reason why the Proclamation was promulgated when it was.
  10. Burt

    Emancipation proclimation

    My point is that the Emancipation Proclamation was meaningless because Lincoln didn't have jurisdiction in the Confederate states. People that have never read it think that it freed ALL slaves.
  11. budgie

    Help needed please!

    Looks like british ww1 uniform
  12. Philip Whitehouse

    Emancipation proclimation

    The Emancipation Proclaimation might,conceivably, have prevented Britain and France from entering the War on the side of The Confederacy. Perhaps we could view it as an Insurance Policy.
  13. Burt

    Emancipation proclimation

    Read the article about Antietam battle the writer said the north's victory paved the way for the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves. Well yes it freed slaves but only in territories which were in confict with the North, the north could still have slaves and there were many still in slavery in the North. The 13th amendment freed the slaves long after Lincoln had died.
  14. Jon M Brown

    Stealth-Is It Possible To Defeat?

    I just watched a cool documentary on the Smithsonian channel about the f-22 Raptor. At one point, they state that the plane has about the same radar return as a bumblebee. As impressive as that is, surely no bumblebee flies at the altitudes and at the speed of this plane. So my question is, why is Stealth so effective? Why can't radar's be modified to focus on smaller objects that could not be birds or insects, due to their altitude, heading and speed???
  15. Jon M Brown

    The Capitulation of France in WW2

    I'm not sure if it boils down to that but it might very well. At the start of the war, France did indeed have a larger army and more equipment (tanks, artillery) but no one was prepared for the new tactics and the speed of the German movements. As to your question specifically, hopefully one of our better informed members can help.
  16. Lindsay Westphal

    The Capitulation of France in WW2

    Is it true that France had superior cannon/artillery to the Germans tanks at Blitzkrieg, but because France used horseman runners to convey messages , that the Germans overran the French artillery because they had not yet received orders to fire? I read once that a runner went back to French Command at blitzkrieg, and upon receiving orders to fire on the Germans, was too late and that the Germans had already overrun the artillery because never fired back as they had no orders to do so... Is this true?
  17. knrreh


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  18. I'm not sure what to make of this piece. In the end, it's an anecdotal compilation of rocket/missile failures that doesn't offer analysis, trends, lessons learned of prospects for the future.
  19. bvrjvj


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  20. Mark Sceats


    Hes a New Zealander not an Australian as is posted!
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  23. wyhqoa


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  24. Mr. Lyons' article on General Mark Clark contains many inaccuracies that should have been researched before publication. For example, he made the statement that General "Clark rose through the ranks quickly after receiving his military training at West Point Academy. Going to the Academy virtually guaranteed that graduates would be officers if they saw combat, and Clark became a Second Lieutenant thanks to World War I." I am sure Mr. Lyons forgot that West Point's entire purpose is to train future Army officers and that all graduates are automatically appointed second lieutenants, whether or not they see combat. He also said that "during peacetime, his (Clark) career came to a sudden stop, and it was not until 1933 that he was promoted to Captain." Clark was actually promoted to Captain on August 5, 1917, before he arrived in France. A point overlooked by Mr. Lyons was that Clark, as a Captain, took over as acting commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 11th Infantry Regiment when the CO became ill. On January 14, 1933 he was promoted to the rank of Major. In July of 1940, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and, as the Army was gearing up for World War II, Clark was promoted two grades to Brigadier General, skipping the rank of Colonel. In April 1942, he was promoted to two-star rank, and in November 1942, he became the youngest three-star general in the Army. On March 10, 1945, at the age of 48, Clark became the Army's youngest four-star general. He made mistakes as all generals have, but he must have had something on the ball to make it to the rank of four-star general.
  25. magda

    Help needed please!

    You are right. It is a British military uniform top. At least that is my best guess. Sorry, I missed the collar.
  26. R Leonard

    Help needed please!

    Turned down collar. US uniforms of the WWI period had stand-up collars. Not a US uniform.
  27. magda

    Help needed please!

    Joe Rich gave you some good information. Go to the Family History site . It is free to join and there is a lot of data available. Start with yourself and work backward through the generations. Many times marriage and death certificates ,as well as birth certificates, will give you data as to who parents were.Census records can help to find where your ancestors might be from and who was living in a certain household on the date of the census. The last census released was the 1940 census and it is a gold mind of information. Keep working at it and you will find something. Looking at the uniform, I would say it is a WWI American uniform. Go to google images and see if does not look the same to you. Good Luck
  28. Philip Whitehouse

    Masterpiece in the Pacific - really

    It gets worse. It would be more accurate- and generous- if the piece stated that "Lae was in allied hands".
  29. Stephen N Russell

    U Boats Hiding along Amazon River

    Checked online & seen nothing about U Boats hiding along riverways in Brazil, Venezula, Ecuador from Allied patrols in So Atlantic. Media model: Murphys War, 1971.( On DVD). Peter O Toole, best role since Lawrence Arabia. From novel, written. Anyone who served in Merchent Marine or RN, USN hear of U Boats hiding in riverways after damage etc?? Or Hollywood fiction.
  30. Sapling

    Masterpiece in the Pacific - really

    MacArthur/Halsey Masterpiece in the Pacific – Operation Cartwheel A commentary by David Baker. In essence interesting but very short of facts and research, not only of the actual history but the geography of the areas concerned and finalised by a jingoistic opinion. For example "... and by mid-September, the island of Lae was in American hands. " which is interesting because Lae is a town on Papua New Guniea - not an island - and a little bit more insight of the New Guniea campaign might have been worthwhile. The balance of the mistakes is to lengthy to cover but an interesting phase short changed by a one sided opinion opportunity.
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