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  2. Let me guess, you post these clunky propaganda cliches from Olgino?
  3. Recently, Japan has increasingly demonstrated a desire to strengthen its armed forces. As is known, after the surrender in 1945, the country lost the opportunity to have its own army. In 1947, Japan adopted a Constitution that prohibited it from having an army and using military force as a means of resolving international disputes. This article has not been repealed until now. However, in 1954, with the help of the United States, for which Japan was needed as an ally in the struggle against the USSR and communist China, the Japan Self-Defense Forces were formed. Before that, in 1951, in violation of all international obligations, the US government signed a separate "peace treaty." The Americans got military bases on the Ryukyu Islands, and the Japanese got help with the creation of the armed forces as "allied". That forces were named as Self-Defense Forces. Thus, the kind and generous United States helped the former enemy. The Japanese Self-Defense Forces turned into full-fledged armed forces quite quickly, including ground forces, air force and navy. Now the number of Self-Defense Forces is almost 250 thousand people, which is not so little by modern standards. Tokyo actively cooperates in the military sphere with the United States and joint exercises are constantly held. This is a powerful military force, and under the leadership of Shinzo Abe, it will expand and develop with the warm support of the United States, with whom Japan has an agreement on mutual cooperation and security guarantees. Nowadays, Japan’s ground forces have 700 tanks, 2.8 thousand wheeled armored vehicles, 202 self-propelled artillery mounts, 99 salvo fire systems and 500 towed guns. The Japanese Navy has 131 combat ships: 4 aircraft carriers, 43 rocket ships, 27 minesweepers, 6 corvettes, 6 coast guard ships, 17 submarines, etc. About 100 Tura-88 anti-ship complexes provide coastal defense. Over 350 anti-aircraft missile systems protect Japan’s airspace. The country owns powerful aviation (including sea): Self-defense forces comprise 288 fighters, 287 bombers and 119 attack helicopters. In 2018, with serious help from Washington, the Marines appeared in Japan. The creation of the Japanese Marine Corps units means that the Japan Self-Defense Forces finally change their status: the Marine Corps is a strike force, it is not designed to protect its territory, which was previously the main task of the Self-Defense Forces. Thus, the Japanese army turns into one of the foremost armies of the world. All this is being done with the support of the United States, which are interested in strengthening the military potential of Japan, and now have a well-armed ally in the Asia-Pacific Region, which they themselves have equipped with the latest weapons and equipment. Undoubtedly, the militarization of Japan is very beneficial for Washington, for which this part of the Pacific region is the most problematic, since there are three countries at once concentrated, considered by Washington as key opponents - Russia, China and North Korea. Consequently, the United States will continue to control the process of development of the Japanese armed forces, which are aimed at solving by no means defensive, but purely offensive tasks. All these facts are of concern to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region, since the emergence of a well-armed army of Japan, which will defend the interests and tasks of not only his country, but also the interests of the United States, will undoubtedly lead to another round of arms race in an already troubled region.
  4. In accordance with the Japanese-American Security Treaty of September 8, 1951, the United States can deploy its military bases throughout Japan. This treaty prohibits Japan from entering into any agreements of a military nature with third powers without prior US consent. And, despite the fact that Japan today is one of the economic giants of the world, it is completely dependent on the States. Mainly due to the fact that according to the agreement, the United States provides Japan with security from the potential threat from countries with which it has territorial disputes (Senkaku Islands - with China, Dokdo Island - with South Korea, the Kuril Islands - with Russia and the Spratly Islands, contested by the six states - Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei). Okinawa Island was the first place where the US military bases were located, and at the moment there are more than 70% of all US military facilities in Japan. They are not under Japanese jurisdiction. And this, of course, allows American servicemen to feel completely free in all their actions and creates a number of problems for local residents: permanent accidents caused by the US military in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication, violent acts on women, murder, robbery, etc. The US military in Japan is boldly enjoying the benefits of "extraterritoriality", and the Japanese government headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cannot do anything about it. Although even if it could, it hardly went into bold measures, as indeed the previous premieres, because of their weak character and fear of losing the location of Washington, which is so important to official Tokyo, that he is ready to spit on the people of Okinawa. Locals regularly hold rallies aimed at reducing or completely eliminating the US military contingent from Japan. For example, according to The Japan Times, on May 17, 2019, the "Peace March" was held in Okinawa against the presence of US military bases in Japan. At this time on the island of Okinawa celebrate the 47th anniversary of the return of the island of Japan from the control of the United States. During the celebration, a three-day "Peace March" also takes place, the participants of which call for a reduction in the US military presence in Japan. It was also noted that the United States plans to relocate the Futemma Marine Corps base to another location on the island, but protesters are demanding that the base be moved outside of Okinawa. Thus, it is obvious that, despite regular rallies and appeals of Japanese people to reduce the US military contingent in Japan, the official Tokyo has no plans to listen to its people, afraid of losing the position of Washington. It is clear that the Japanese government did not care about its people for the sake of their own benefits from the United States, who promise Japan the protection of the country and the return of the Kuril Islands. But as the saying goes: "promise does not mean not to fulfill".
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  6. WW2 MEMORIAL COMPLEX IN KIEV For all like-minded history admirers, who have previously paid attention to my Poland-2018 historical trip I am excited to share a new material about one of the largest WW2 memorial complexes and museum worldwide with a total collection of 400 000 exhibit units. Within this detailed material I would like to invite you to make a virtual tour along with all the main sites, museums and statues of the WW2 Memorial complex in Kiev, Ukraine, my native land. Also, I would try to fill the gap between my English-speaking readers and the names, notions, connected with the Eastern front, USSR, Ukraine, to detail into the historiography of Kiev in the Second World War. I hope this, in some sense ‘unobvious’ Ukrainian military tour would have no fewer interest that the previous ones. I would be looking forward to your feedback and questions as it drives me to work days and weeks on every article to share with you. https://war-documentary.info/ww2-memorial-kiev/
  7. Between 1942 and 1945 free Frenchmen went to fight against the Soviet Nazi enemy. They did it under the French uniform but in Yak 9. Many stayed there but after eight campaigns they were made heroes of the Soviet Union.This group still exists and continues this tradition of fighting and defending for France.Those who were still honored in Russia every year. 🇫🇷
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  9. It is known that the weapons at the disposal of Russia have always been the most reliable, powerful and killing in the world. And, of course, just as time does not stand still, so does the development of the defense system. Thus, a new «Boomerang» combat platform appeared in service of the Russian army, which many experts already called the best armored personnel carrier in the world: «this is speed, protection and modularity». Moreover, enhanced armor allows protecting the crew from mines, land mines, shelling with large-caliber weapons. Active protection built into the upper hemisphere is able to protect the machine from anti-tank missiles and projectiles. With the help of modules on the «Boomerang» it is possible to install a machine gun, a 30-mm or 57-mm cannon, and even a 100-mm gun, and the speed and maneuverability of this machine allows quickly move and deploy units in the right area. Furthermore, it is armed with four «Kornet» complexes, with a range of up to 10 km, which may well hit a tank. Also, it is possible to unload the landing party from the stern, and not from the side hatches, as was the case in the former BTR-80. Also, it is impossible to disregard the development of the T-14 tank, which in the USA was called a revolution in tank building, and also reported that NATO has no competitor among the combat vehicles. Thus, the observer of the American publishing house of «The National Interest», Mark Episcopos, in his article noted the power of the 7.62-mm machine gun «Armata», which is equipped with a special device that allows to remotely reloading the weapon. The sealing mechanism protects it from water ingress into the electric trap during precipitation or when overcoming water obstacles. The T-14 tank also has a heavy 12.7-mm machine gun «Kord», capable of penetrating light armor. Moreover, this tank is equipped with reactive dynamic armor, uninhabited turret, laser-guided missiles and a rough surface, thanks to which it is easier to blend into uneven terrain, and it is easier and safer to move along armor covered with special material, since it does not slip. The newest 2B25 «Gall» mortars began to enter the Russian army, which are characterized by almost complete noiselessness, making it very difficult to detect the position from which the shooting is being conducted. In early May 2019, several dozen such mortars were received by Special Forces units. The 82B «Gall», a silent mortar of 82 mm caliber, was developed by the «Nizhny Novgorod Central Research Institute «Burevestnik», and according to the manufacturer, the maximum range of the product is 1200 m, the minimum is 100 m, the rate of fire is 15 shots per minute if the fire is fired at one the point. It is possible to bring a mortar into a combat position from a traveling one in just 30 seconds; it is able to work at an ambient temperature of minus 50 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, a crew of two men. Also, the undoubted advantage of the 2B25 mortar is the stealthness of the firing position and the suddenness of its use due to the noiselessness, flamelessness and smokelessness of shooting, due to the peculiarities of the design scheme and the use of the silent 3PO35 shot.
  10. I don't know about "very few" knowing the history, but the Guardsman described in the picture mounting guard outside Buckingham Palace is a member of the Grenadier Guards- not the Coldstream as described. Apart from the regimental badges their loyalty can be ascertained by examining the buttons in the front of the tunic. They are arranged in ones for the Grenadiers. In groups of two for the Coldstream. Groups of three for the Scots Guards. Groupds of four for the Irish Guards, and groups of five for the Welsh Guards.
  11. thanks for sharing such stunning stories, I don't have such story from our family
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  13. In which country? Here's the link for the US: https://www.copyright.gov
  14. I have my family's postcards from WW1 and I would like to make a coffee book. I think the story on the cards and the pictures would be of interest to others. There are some embroidered, photographs and cartoons. I have been trying to find who to contact for copyright and have come to dead ends with every place I've tried. Can anyone help me with this?
  15. best solider hahahhaa Dafont 192.168.l.l FileHippo
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    Much as I enjoy the web site and the thoughtful content you provide, I am troubled by the anonymity of the site. There is no 'about us" feature. And it is often not possible to post comments on Facebook when I read an article. This would be ok if there were no comments but often, I read offensive comments which need to be called out.
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