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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    Not a huge fan of either three really. If pushed to choose probably the P-47. Favourite of all US planes in the war would probably be the Dakota and the Corsair. P-40 is a nice looking plane too.
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    This book is of my collection it's from 1945 with a list in it with all the dutch military victims from the invasion of the germans .in the book are names that I see every day because in my village there are streets named after them . o
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    Thank you for this. There is the of course the story of Bill Milin (a Canadian) who piped Lord Lovat ashore at D Day. He wore a Cameron Kilt which is in Dawlish Museum along with his pipes.(HIs book Piper Bill is a good read if you can get it). If y9ou look carefully, behind the Telegraph pole there is another character in a Kilt with a sten gun. don't recognise the Tartan (Ogilvie is wearing the Gordon's Tartan). I'll the the picture into the Museum and we might be able to recognise it. I can't think of a military tartan with a lithe check like that one, but I know people who can even recognise medal ribbons in Black and White. Some of the Lovat Scouts became part of the 11th Camerons after the war, and there is a room dedicated to the Lovat Scouts in the Highlanders Museum. Apart from a short time as a TA officer in the Scouts, Lord Lovat was actually commissioned into the Scots Guards.
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    I actually checked in the museum (as I was closing the room at the end of the day yesterday) it was 1st Camerons not 4th. it was on the retreat through Belgium. However I think that there is a similar claim made by the Gordons. The story is that the War Office decided that Kilts were not suitable wear for a mechanised army to wear. Why this was not accepted earlier as in WW1 there were cases of people contracting Gangrene from the abrasion of wet, muddy/ frozen kilts on the back of their legs (one of our treasured artifacts is a kilt still covered in the mud of Flanders The War Office had also allegedly spend some time in trying to supply gas proof underwear (mustard gas) which was pink in colour as the Highland Regiments wore nothing under the Kilt. (Still don't on parade, hence the famous picture of the 2IC Argyle and Sutherlands exhibiting his crown jewels sitting beside the Queen.) The 1 Camerons / a Gordon's Battalion held up the order,/ held a mock funeral. thus still had Kilts after 10th May 1940. Actually as the point of the collection of pictures was that they had been hand coloured and the kilt is simply filled in black it would be of little help. Any way by 1941 the kilt was no longer worn in battle. though of course not was worn ceremonially though of you look at the 51st victory parade in Bremerhaven where the Band are in Kilts and the odd officer is in a Kilt but the jocks are in trousers.

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