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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    Some very interesting points brought up here by many people. Oftentimes people tend to overestimate what kind of capabilities the German military had at the start of and during the early part of the war. The basic debate that evolved here was essentially, 'could the German's really have invaded the U.K at all?'. Some have very astutely pointed out that they lacked many of the assets needed for a cross channel invasion of the scale that would have been necessary, and that is very true. But in my opinion, it could easily be argued that the German military NEVER had the capabilities required to wage the kind of war that Hitler forced upon them. Hitler's early successes were in hindsight, quite fortunate and again, it could easily be argued that virtually everything he did after the Munich Agreement was foolish. Even if one doesn't buy into that, certainly once he invaded Russia it was merely a matter of time before utter defeat came to Germany.

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