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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    I'm reading The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. 2nd time I've read it, 1st time 20 years ago. Reason I'm reading it again is I've recently returned from a tour round Eastern Europe.
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    HI Chris, as far as the political aspect, when you have a chance try The Best And The Brightest by David Halberstam. Also if you are interested you can go to The National Archives and download The Pentagon Papers. Like any govt document it is very long, but it's very interesting reading a little at a time.
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    HI Chris, Thank you for getting back with me on Embers OF War. Some how missed your response,hence the reason it to so long to respond to your response.I am glad you like it and at the same time an eye opener.Actually the more you read about the French experience in Vietnam, you can literally cross out France and insert United States. My feeling is the US looked at the French experience and thought ( oh but that was the French,we are the Americans). Just my opinion. We can be be arrogant at times.Good luck the rest of the way,it's a book worth reading many times over.
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    Dear Pieter, As a symbol (And a fine fighter aircraft), the Spitfire was THE airplane of the "Battle of Britain". It was, however, the less glamorous Hawker Hurricane that accounted for 60% of the German aircraft shot down during the engagement.
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    None of the above. Only one plane sank ships, bombed buildings, shot down planes at night etc. etc. The De Havilland Mosquito.
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    According to some WWII aces, there's a lot of different opinions. Some quote the Me-109E or F as better than the Spifire, others put the Mustang P-51 as the best, and others the Yak-3 in the upper level. I like the most the Spitfire, who evolved during war time and kept a high standard, but I understand that the Tempest was better. Anyway, this is a very interesting matter and I hope you guys add your dime to the conversation.
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    Spitfire, without it the Battle of Britain would have been lost.

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