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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    I couldn't agree more George. But where is the impetus for such movements in the first place? I mean, to me when you boil this down it's really a form of bigotry. Yes, modern Western civilization was founded mostly by Christians and on Christian ethics, so what's the problem? If you aren't Christian, great, no problem. But why then spend money, time and effort on coming after anything that remotely represents Christianity? And in this case in particular, this monument is PRIMARILY a war memorial and only secondarily and only through a certain perspective has anything to do with Christianity. So by that definition alone, this was clearly motivated by malice.
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    The Avro Vulcan - a raity, in that you don't find many supersonic strategic bombers with aerobatic capabilities! Dating back to a time when the UK led the world in Jet design.

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