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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    Have not gotten my Daily E-mails for about that long.
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    Would take a great deal of imagination.
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    'Stonewall' Jackson's Chief of Staff Dabney strongly hinted that Jackson had superior strategic vision, and the Valley Campaign conducted by Jackson in 1862 makes a good case to support this opinion. Also, purpotedly Lee's most dramatic victory was the battle at Chancellorsville. But was it really Lee's decision to send Jackson on his legendary march around Hooker's position? The scene of the last meeting between Lee and Jackson is described as follows: Lee to Jackson, "General Jackson, what do you propose to do?" Jackson, "Go around here" (pointing at the map) Lee, "What do you propose to make this movement with?" Jackson, "With my whole corpse." Lee, "What will you leave me?" Jackson, "The divisions of Anderson and McLaws." Lee, "Well, go on."

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