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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    RKKA was by far the largest army at the onset of WW2 - more so than at its end.
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    Bonjour worldwide friends. Between May 15 and May 27 in the village of Stonne called by the Germans "The Verdun of 1940" the French despite the weakness of their troops and heavy weapons arrested the troops of Heinz Guderian for twelve days. The losses on both sides were heavy. The Germans found before them the anger of the soldiers who were the sons of those of 1916. The greatest French defeat was in fact the decay of the French State of the 30s. In six weeks of fighting 100,000 dead and missing.The father of my paternal father had told his son it was the last of the sires twenty years later everything had to be redone. Three wars between France and Germany lead us to the ruin of a continent. Now it seems that our old demons are resurfacing through all these populist parties that want the end of the EC. Today the Brexit first attempt to put down this institution not perfect but that makes us in peace for seventy-three years. I wish you a peaceful Sunday.
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    Anyone play COD who is in this forum? I play COD 2
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    From May 27 to June 11, 1942 a handful of French Free Forces resisted the Italo-German troops in the Bir Hakeim Desert. This loss of time for the Axis forces allows the English to prepare the defense of El Alamein. These men came from France but also from the Pacific. Not forgotten years.
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    A stunning re-creation and totally moving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74h-o8dFU8E
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    Please note that this map was made to illustrate the escort fighters for the 8th Air Force bombers thus the Mosquito (for instance) isn't on it.
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    This was my first drawing, which is a paratrooper in a shallow trench.