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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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    This is "constructive criticism" and please take it that way. I also seldom read the articles - they must be outsourced to people for whom English is a second language. The editing is also very erratic. An example is the article "These Ten Facts About WWI Have Been Largely Forgotten" and it has lots of mistakes. It says "there were over 250.000 Germans living in the USA" and of course in America we typically would say 250,000 Germans. The comma has been replaced by a period in several spots. Je parle Francais so I understand how Europeans use the period vs comma, even that does not explain the erratic editing - this is not grammatically correct English or American speech. Many of the "facts" in this article and similar ones could easily be disputed. Now, there are several people who post in the forums that are worth reading.
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    I live in Northern New Jersey. So I've been to the Intrepid in New York a lot. And the Air and Space Museum in DC. Whereabouts ain England are you from?
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    Stalin was much older than Adolf of corse but i think Stalin hands down. Hitler was a little weasel failed art student.
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    The Australian Owen Machine Carbine. One of the two best sub-machine guns in WW2 and still used,initially, in Vietnam.