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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. Good morning!

    Good afternoon!
  2. Guntrucks

    I've read about these trucks in a Military Vehicles magazine, there are now people rebuilding trucks to look like these gun trucks. They look rather nice if you ask me. This is an original from Vietnam: A rebuild vehicle in the States:
  3. Fav Mil Vehicles

    Give me a Jeep any day, especially with a gun like this
  4. Introductions

    Hi Ray, nice to meet you! I've never read about Medieval warfare so I can't help you with that.
  5. What was the best fighter plane of WWII?

    P-51 mustang for me!
  6. Great pictures and love the video!!
  7. Arnhem Bridge

    That will be something special, I hope I can see that!
  8. Arnhem Bridge

    One of the most famous pictures of WWII?
  9. Dunkirk beach - Shipwrecks

    Wow, now I really want to see the movie!
  10. Sad but true indeed, on the other hand nobody has tested their resolve yet so we may be in for a surprise. Truth be told, I hope we don't get to test them.
  11. Well done indeed, may he rest in peace
  12. Demoted after being awarded the Medal of Honor, wow.
  13. Stunning pictures, glad he is no longer forgotten.
  14. My favorite plane of Gulf War 1

    For me the Tomcat, stunning plane that performed very well over Iraq. A U.S. Navy Grumman F-14B Tomcat from fighter squadron VF-103 Sluggers prepares for refueling from a U.S. Air Force tanker on 4 February 1991 during the 1991 Gulf War. The aircraft is armed with AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles. VF-103 was assigned to Carrier Air Wing 17 (CVW-17) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV-60) for a deployment to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea in support of operations "Desert Shield" and "Desert Storm" from 7 August 1990 to 28 March 1991.
  15. Introductions

    Hi Neil! What sort of military vehicles do you have? Oh and welcome of course
  16. What a sad ending to a story of true heroism under fire. I hope he found peace in death.
  17. What was the worst mistake made by Germany in WWII?

    Maybe not the worst mistake but calling off the Kursk offensive would have made it a lot harder for the Soviets to reach Berlin. This could have given the western allies more time to reach Berlin. What if...
  18. Introductions

    Hey there! I'm so excited to be here, it seems like a great place to hang out and meet new people. My main interest in the Prinses Irene Brigade, a Dutch unit that fought with the Allies to liberate the Netherlands. All the best!
  19. Introductions

    Hello Dennis, nice to meet you!
  20. Wow, so much Nazi-stuff, why would anybody want all that stuff is beyond me.
  21. Prinses Irene Brigade

    An article about the Prinses Irene Brigade would be nice, other than that just keep up the good work!
  22. Currently reading "The Last Battle" by Cornelius Ryan, a masterpiece about the battle of Berlin.
  23. Just one tank? That must be where Fury got their idea from for that last, stupid, battle.
  24. Call of Duty - WWII (Trailer)

    This game and the movie Dunkirk are going to be the best things of this year! Checkout these graphics, it will certainly be something special