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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. GP Cox

    Hanoi Jane

    Agreed all the way around. I can not understand why people defend traitors! The First Amendment and the Bill of Rights are not free passes to become traitors!
  2. GP Cox

    Hanoi Jane

    I have no idea why she didn't go t jail. And to be honest, it eats at me every time I see her make a fortune on a new movie or TV appearance!
  3. GP Cox

    Hanoi Jane

    I feel we have no need to to discuss Jane Fonda. She had every right to speak her mind during the Vietnam War, but in going to the North and still speaking against the U.S., to me, sits right in the definition of treason. Her "apology" of 40 years too late and her statement "my 2 minutes lapse of insanity..." was far longer than that - she had years to come to her senses! I never saw another one of her movies since those days.
  4. GP Cox

    where is this picture taken

    Sorry it has taken so long to reply, I never saw a notification of your question. My father's service was Fort Dix, Camp MacKall, Camp Polk, Camp Stoneman, New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon, Okinawa, Japan . and then island hopping to get home in Jan. '46
  5. GP Cox

    Pacific War

    Why is it most people think Europe was the main part of WWII and so many people following my wordpress blog of Pacific Paratrooper say they were never taught info on it in school except maybe two of the main USMC battles?
  6. Why am I having such trouble locating information on the 478th Antiaircraft Battalion?
  7. These can be treasured by generations to come. The events come to life. How does one go about getting an old photograph restored and/or colorized?
  8. Sounds like a series I will need to add to my list!
  9. GP Cox

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    Ultimately, the Nazi downfall was because of it's leader, as with Kim now in North Korea; Hitler thought of himself as a God.
  10. GP Cox

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    I have mainly researched the Pacific War and the CBI, but IMO, Germany was too small to cover a two sided war against so many other nations. Too much power was given to one man who didn't have the proper training, logic or understanding of the enemy to run such a wide-scale war.
  11. GP Cox

    where is this picture taken

    My website is dedicated to the Pacific War, especially the 11th Airborne, but I'll put this picture in the next post and see if anyone recognizes the location.
  12. I mainly research pacific War material, but I feel going into Stalingrad in the first place was a real boner of a mistake!
  13. GP Cox

    What was the best fighter plane of WWII?

    You got mine - P-51 it is!!
  14. I have yet to see a memorial, dedicated to those who fought for their country, fail to bring a tear.
  15. GP Cox

    A Famous Recipe of the US Army

    Ah-ha, the world famous "Shit on a Shingle"!!