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  1. There are two errors in the account of General McAuliffe. First was the division artillery commander and second the 101st did not fall back to Bastone but were ordered to the city from their rest camps with orders to hold the city in order to prevent the Germans from using the road network that ran thru the city.
  2. Why Nazis Lost the War

    There were many factors that led to Germany's lose in WWII. There was the lack of man power to fight a 3 front war, a lack of critical resources, the timing of Hitler's invasion of Russia and the lack of a strong logistical base. The last being the deciding and most important reason for Germany losing the war. By logistics I mean both the ability their to supply the troops with very thing they needed to be a effective fighting force from food, clothing, weapons and ammunition to spare parts and fuel. They also lacked the means to effectively move there supplies to to troops. It must be remembered that German weapons and armor had little to no interchangeable part between the different types of armor so they needed to manufacture and transport thousands of different parts in order for their units to keep fighting. Another critical factor in their logistical problem was that the German army was not fully Mobil or mechanized. Many of their units relied on horses to move their equipment and supplies and this added a additional logistical burden in the need to supply fodder and other supplies for the horses thus taking away from the capacity to provide the needed supplies for the troops . The third factor in the logistical puzzle was the German rail system. The rail system was very effective for the first three and a half of the war until the allies started to destroy rail lines, bridges and rail cars at a rate that they could not be repaired or replaced fast enough thus rendering the German logistical system ineffective and thus in turn greatly hampered the armies ability to fight. Others have said that the use of rail cars to move the millions of Jews and others to concentration camps was the cause for the German logistical problems but this as only a very small part of the total ligistical problems the Germans faced and could not over come.
  3. Otto Skorzeny

    Skorzeny did have some success but was you pointed out was highly over rated. His biggest problem was like many other German commanders they did not know their own limitations or those of their troops and therefore did not plan accordingly which set them up for failure.
  4. Normandy Invasion Beaches

    I went to the Normandy beaches about 6 years ago. Visited both Omaha and Utah beache areas. Took a car ferry from Port smith to Cherbourg in bad weather and after looking up at the bluffs at Ohma beach I really gained a understanding of how difficult their task was and the courage to took to take the beach head.
  5. Congratulations to Paul Allen and his dedicated team for finding the USS Indianapolis in order to honor all of the veterans of WWII. You will always be honored for you sacrifice.
  6. The success of the D Day landings is even more remarkable when you consider the conditionsame the assault troops faced crossing the chanel. Several years ago I took a car ferry across the channel in stormy weather with fairly strong winds and even in such a large heavy vessel several people were sea sick, so considering the light, flat bottom craft the troops crossed the channel in the success they achieved is even more remarkable.
  7. The other comments to this article seem to be missing the point of the article. By this point in the war Hitler was so completely insane and delusional that the only thing he wanted to do was to destroy the Russians. He was not only willing to let the Americans and British move into Germay almost at will by shifting troops from the west to the east but was even trying to make a separate peace with them if they would help him destroy Russia. The reasons that the Germans were fighting so hard to stop the Russian advance was they were afraid that the Russians would wreck the same kind if destruction in Germany and the German people that the Germans had wrecked on Russia. Yes the Russians suffered Hugh numbers of casualties both military and civilian but you must remember that the Nazi's believed that the Russia's were subhuman and all the Germans wanted was the land and the natural resources therefore of no importance to Germany and in fact would be a drain on German resources so there was no reason not to just kill them, while at the same time Hitler felt that the population in the western European countries were closer the germans and could eventual intergraded in to the German race.
  8. The U-Boat War: A Vital and Misjudged Part of WWII

    They may not have been able to completely shut down the sea routesalt but if they had not kept moving the u-boats to different theaterstyles they could have drastically delayed the build up of allied forces in England thus delaying the invasion of Europe and giving the Germansame more time to strengthen their defenses.