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  3. What was the best fighter plane of WWII?

    In europe p51 in asia p38
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    This year thè tank museum in bovington was the biggest suprise i knew thy had many but what i saw there was so much that I have to go back because my brain was full with all the special and one of tanks .
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    Ik ben tijdelijk in het buitenland aan het werk maar zodra ik terug ben zal ik het archief in duiken Met vriendelijke groet Johan
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    Hello every body I Am johan from nieuwkoop a little place near Amsterdam . My intresse goes out to the second world war i travel around europe to visit the sites and see events like tankfest in bovington and the latest was the memorial of the battle of britian in duxford. My latest road trip around brought me in places like sobibor treblinka and madanjek and a lot of musea . I am always planning the next trip now it will be the south of france and the north of italia.
  7. I was at the airshow in duxford last weekend and I saw 6 hurricane planes in formation flying for the first time since a long long time . It was a great day as always at duxford . The special treat 13 spitfires in the air at the same time.
  8. One of the most touching and impressive monuments i saw was in sobibor the death camp in poland . There is in the forrest a trial they call memory lane and I could read the things written on the little rocks because it was in dutch. At one of theme was written in dutch "mama ben ik stout geweest want het word donker" translated it say mom have i been a bad boy/girl because its getting dark . I was far away from home but i could read a lot of the stones because sobibor was the second largest destination of the dutch jewish population in ww2.