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  1. I think its in the same category as the Nazi gold train
  2. I have been there and it is real strange to walk in the crypt under the castle Knowing that himmler and other high ranking ss figures saw It as a holy place . The museum part about the history of the ss castle is a little bit disappointing it is small and almost only general documents and pictures
  3. This a fantastic book about joachim peiper . I started reading this book and before i knew i finished it.
  4. The focke wolf ta 154 a failed copy of the wooden wonder
  5. Lezaky

    I have been in the 2 places to. On youtube is a movie called come and see the original titel is in russian but I dont know it. I think it's show what happend in oradour and more then 900 places in the east as close you can film it.
  6. Battice fort

    I was last year in fort hackenberg of the maginotline it also stil works well worth a visit. A Electric train drives you around the diverend compartments were you can see how the fort works unbelievable that it still works. This is the adress of it 61bis Grande Rue, 57920 Veckring, France
  7. It also explain the germans missing enough supplies for the troops for fighting in winter conditions
  8. Shell Shock: A Sad Side-Effect of WWI

    https://youtu.be/faM42KMeB5Q Real good documantry about shellschoxk
  9. I have visited the majdanek concentration camp and it is one of the camps almost still intact and well worth a visit. First i was on the wrong place because i thought it was in the place madanjek nearby the camp . In lublin you have to search for it because it is not signed very well
  10. I have visit the camp and only the look of it gif you the Chills .
  11. The invasion of itali into greece from october1940 - til may 1941 That is the turning point I think because hitler had to help the italians what delayd operation barbarossa whit several weeks so that the Germans get stuck in the mud and in winter . If you take that weeks of delay of thy could have taken moscow in late summer instead of a winter battle
  12. I have been there it is the same feeling there that you get walking in a concentration camp .i knew the story of it from books but when you are the feeling you get is haunring. I was there with a friend that is very german minded and for the the first time he was saying that the Germans had a dark side too
  13. A movie about the japanese who were in the american army after the bad treatment in the early days of the war and became legandary fighters in europe
  14. Introductions

    7 you can visit many places with ww2 history 8 you can see planes tanks boats still working 9 many film footage 10 still new discovery's involving ww2