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  1. Yesterday i visited breendonk prison and transitcamp . It' s the only prison camp in West europe that is complete intact . The number of prisoners is not so big about 4000 but the regime and cruelties do not under for the more famous campsthe front list of victims stop how cross here wil be shot inside the prisontorture Chambers
  2. Johan

    The Ultimate Insult

    I think that the Wir haben es nicht gewußt excuse ( we didn't know) did play an role. It's raining ashes and you could smell the camps miles away (5000+) but the germans didn' t know hard to believe and hard to forgave lying people.
  3. Just wanted to know other forum members will visited the duxford airshow in may. I have tickets for the saturday and looking forward to a great day as usually.
  4. Adegem canadian war cemetery Belgium Today I visited this cemetery during work hours . It' s a Canadian cemetery but there are soldiers buried from other countries. In total there are 1155 soldiers lay done to rest. There are 2 names on this Polish grave because allot of Polish soldiers served under a false name and later the real name was ingraved. there are many died in the early days of the second world war
  6. Johan

    Sound of Freedom

    Best story ever about Sr 71 In duxford air museum is the only sr71 outside america what a amazing plane. You see the speed of it when it standing in the museum.
  7. MY ALLTIME FAVOURITE MUSEUM DUXFORD battle of Brittan air show 2017 BEST DAY EVERdad's armybest line up ever the American hall
  8. Johan

    what vehicles are these?

    I think you are right but I am not a expert only trying to help
  9. Johan

    Fav Mil Vehicles

    My favourite It' s a daf 328 artillerie tractor It' s a dutch made truck from the fifties My dad drove one when he was in military service. It's a petrol engine 6×6 and a excellent terrain vehicle
  10. My favourite helicopter is the Sikorsky mh53 pave low A Though looking helicopter with numerous capabilities such as search and rescue and used by the special forces
  11. Johan

    what vehicles are these?

    I am not sure but I think it' this one It' s a ferret scout
  12. I have posted pictures of 2 roadtrips but Its not all . The 2 trips together was about 10.000 km driving . The most places of true horror like belzec treblinka madanjek are al in the same area in poland so it' s not easy but I saw them in about 10 days .