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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. I think that in this poll 2 important SMG are missing. The italian Beretta MAB38 and the finnish Suomi KP31. The first one was defined by many authors the best SMG of the war, was produced in italy and used only starting from 1941 in limited quantities. When the production became enough big to equip an acceptable number of solider, was alredy 1943, so most of those were used by the RSI. Even the German Army really pareciate the weapon, using a large number of those and considering it a little bit heavy but sightly more accurate and reliable, due the high quality manufacturing and producing progress. The Suomi KP31, was the main SMG of the finnish army, and was produced since the early 30's, really well designed, the soviets noticecd immediatly the advantages of this amazing SMG that was used to inspire the great PPSH. In general, the Suomi KP-31 was a highly effective,reliable and accurate gun, but too expensive to manufacture.
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