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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Audy Hack

    done with it..

    Sorry, but what started as an interesting site degraded to a over-and-over repeating of the same subjects by different "publishers", or even just plain repeats. Also, the scraping of the barrel's bottom by Mr Jeremy P Amick to find "veterans" is getting rather annoying and a showoff on the blind admiration of americans for everybody who ever wore an uniform, even as a camp-baker in backwood Tennessee.... I'm done with it, and will find better sites. Bye
  2. Audy Hack

    Wrong ship, or wrong photo comment.

    In the article about the historical correctness of the movie Master and Commander The Far Side of the World, the comment under the first photo says it shows the HMS Surprise, build for this movie. Actually, it's a replica of the HMS Sophie, in the books as the first command of Captain Jack Aubry. The Sophie was a 2-masted brig-rigged vessel of the sloop class with 14 4-pounders, while the Surprise was a 6th rate vessel, or a light frigate with 28 guns, mainly 9-pounders and 6 carronades.
  3. nice article about the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 would be nice. Also to set some things straight that i mentioned in a post about false statements. Try the book of Ernle "Ernie"Bradfort about this topic. Also, a second article about the Second Siege in 1940 might be appropriate as a follow-up. Btw, Ernle Bradford has a lot of well informed books about the Mediterranian and naval subjects.
  4. Audy Hack

    false statements.

    Some of the things that bother me, are the "facts " that are stated by authors of your articles. For exsample, in the artikel '15471 Battle of Lepanto', the author William McLaughlin remarks that ; quote; "For the first time since the fall of Constantinople, the Ottomans were firmly and spectacularly defeated".. Personally, i think that te Defenders of Malta, during the Great Siege of 1565 would like to have a word about that. Like holding an Ottoman invasion of about 40.000 off with less then 6000 mixed armed men is a minor thing,. Maybe it would be best if you check your authors better before posting their pieces. People who want to learn from your website are getting a very distorted view of history this way.