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  1. SAC Alert Huts, CPs any left?

    Are there any Cold War era SAC Alert Huts & Command posts left anyplace in the CONUS since 1991. Alert Shacks for Chromedome missions worldwide. Know of ICBM silo in Arizona for tours but thats it Love to Offutt AFB CP Center, seen in BW pics from era. Anyone ex AF, SAC vet who can answer??
  2. SAC Alert Huts, CPs any left?

    Are there any Cold War era SAC Alert Huts & Command posts left anyplace in the CONUS since 1991. Alert Shacks for Chromedome missions worldwide. Know of ICBM silo in Arizona for tours but thats it Love to Offutt AFB CP Center, seen in BW pics from era. Anyone ex AF, SAC vet who can answer??
  3. Concentration Camp "belt"

    Was there a "belt" geographically of Concentration camps ( death camps) by Germans. Recall Soviets broke ice on finding camp 1, then later British, later Americans. Thought all Death camps were E of Berlin area, N& S. But for Brits & Americans to see camps some had to be West of Berlin using Berlin as Nav point. Comments, errors?
  4. Eastern Front Bombing Raids

    IF US Western Allies did NOT strike E German RR yards & or some Death camps, then did the Russians?? Or did the Russians shell some RR yards & Death camps prior invasion? Never hear of any Russian bomber raids into Germany or Poland since 1941 Assult. Russians could have easily shelled some Death camp sections alone prior assults when troops did find Death camps,right? Recall on AHC that the Russians took over one ex Death camp & made into Soviet prison then. Bottom line: tween US & Russian bombings, the Germans had to lose Tons in RR yards & equip for war effort much less shipping Jews to death camps.
  5. What If War, WW2, #2

    To continue from prior posting: US Navy OKs GUPPY class submarines with retractable deck guns & sail conning tower deck guns but hull is streamlined for speed. & or build Type 21 subs from Nazi plans. B24, B17, Halifax, Lancaster do Maritime patrol on Western Approches & from Iceland. B40 gunships aid bomber formations but carry No bombs. PBY Black Cats have nose cannons fixed & MG nose turret for raids. Germans build Sanger spaceplane. Nazi 6 engined long range bomber is built & tested. Japanese subs launch Kamikaze manned torpedoes at US CA shore sites. US & Nazi subs fight under Arctic Icepack. US adopts MP40 to Tommy Gun body. B17 is tested with quad tail gun turret for Maritime use.
  6. SS & Gestapo interrogation

    Were both One & same on techniques for interogatting prisoners & or different say from POWs vs captured guerillas?? Same for executions or No, worse? Did Allied officers fare better than Allied enlisted when caught?? See movie Harts War, Great Escape??? or is that media. Who fared worse under Interrogation?? IE Allies & local guerillas, etc?? Do movies portray the Reality or No since the 1960s??
  7. U Boats & the Arctic & US Subs

    Did U Boats attempt to use Arctic icepack near Greenland to hide from Allied planes?? Did US subs hunt U Boats in the Atlantic or just our subs were in the Pacific only. Did US subs or ships probe Icepack for German U Boats hiding under ice?? Or never done. Did Germany modify any U Boats for Arctic under ice duty IE "ice armor", beefed up deck guns, interior heating, improved engines. updated conning tower sail to smash icepack?? Have Never heard of any US subs hunting U Boats in the Atlantic or Indian oceans ever.
  8. What If War,WW2

    What IF WW2 had tech, production capability, funding for these weapons, etc to be developed. Imagination, Innovation sought, Think Outside Box. Say they did: B17s flew Maritime missions with torpedoes & fixed nose cannon for B17G models for Convoy duty Allied forces used B29s & B35 Flying Wings to bomb Japan & Germany, Allied spies stole plans to Type 21 U Boat & Allied forces built new subs from those plans. Early B36 types bombed Japan from China. US seized plans to German Tiger, King Tiger, Panther tanks & Shermans were never made. The P80 & RAF Meteor fought Me262s over Europe with B29 bombers. B29s dropped Atomic bomb. RAF uparmed Lancasters for Maritime duty with B17s, B24s. Germans expanded on Fw 200 for long range bomber to hit London from Berlin. Bismarck, Tirpitz, Graf Spee savaged Allied convoys worldwide. TBF Avengers had nose cannon & carried 4 torpedoes aside rear 50 cal MG. German bombers had MG42 MG for defense. Gato class subs trained US sub crews prepping for Type 21 sub types. Germany fired 3 stage V2 from within Berlin area. B25, B26, A26 & A20s ravaged German & Japanese forces by low level runs & strafing. US Pacific Command moved to Wake Island for Fwd Command while Pearl was R&R & resupply base for US forces. B35 Flying Wings &B29s flew from So UK to Germany. B25Gs flew in Tokyo Raid, 1942. Sherman Fireflys were produced adapting modified 88mm cannon to tank. Allied forces used Mini 88MM for use in the Pacific, Burma area. Allied Light cruisers had all 88mm Main gun turrets as did DDs & DE types. Add more if U like My media model: Capt America movie 1.
  9. Bombing Germany & allies

    My query is the following: Why with all the bombing done by AAF & RAF forces that we didnt deter RR lines into the Death camps?? Or why even if any Death camps were hit by Allied bombers alone much less Russian bombers from Eastern Front? We obliterated Berlin & had to damage RR lines to some Death Camps right? OR did our planes strafe any trains hauling Jews etc to Death camps from France, Belguim, Italy into Germany?? (by mistake). Do recall on WHO about some crew from a B17 captured & sent to a Death camp but thats it & then on AHC or History Channel about sending GIs into another Death camp. But nothing about bombing RR lines to deter war material to German forces & then reduce transit to Death camps.
  10. No Africa Combat

    Was fighting in No Africa seasonal IE combat in Spring & Fall, winter & NO combat in summer?? or was combat 24/7 from 1941-1943? Did both sides rest, regroup for combat in Fall & Winter or combat year round?
  11. What Southern State had Most lynchings since 1866 Reconstruction to say 1966 Old South. What state had the MOST KKK organz since 1866? What state had the Most Black Slave Owners from , pre Civil War to 1866? How many Southerner families fled to Mexico after 1865 for a new life? See John Wayne movie The Undefeated, 1969. Which states were Heavy Klan vs other nearby states ( Non Union).population wise. Which state/s abused slaves the Most or by County, Parrish since 1780. Were any ex plantations used by the Union for Field Hqs during Civil War. Who abused slaves Most: white or black slave owners? Did white & black slave owners intermingle socially in Pre Civil War south??
  12. Schedules

    What were the schedules for these: sleep, briefing, mission, debrief, rest, R&R, next mission for: B17, B24 crews 8th AF day raids. RAF night raids. U Boat sub crews 1940-1944. US sub crews: 1941-45. ( Pacific). Fighter pilots: 8th AF escort missions. RAF, Battle of Britian, 1940. AAF night fighters, 1943-45. Did AAF crews & RAF crews collide due to mission scheduling IE RAF incoming from night mission & AAF for day raids, outgoing?? Comments, post schedule mission copies by Times, Hours, etc. sources for.
  13. Why Nazis Lost the War

    True, Lyle, Id say so for losing war.
  14. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Yes, all contributed but my focus was on manpower guarding POW & Death camps alone Xthe guards required for guarding from Germany, Poland, Czech, Austria, etc alone, That was my issue. I agree Hitler was a non techie IE to V2 V1 & jet fighters.
  15. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Yes we had some POW camps & guarding our bases & key defense plants BUT we didnt guard prisoners for genocide either, so our Guard ratio had to be Less than the Germans alone.