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  1. CG, Visuals, Conceptual Art, Diagrams, Maps

    Add above to any articles, etc IF possible., CG anime 3D, CG Video, Video, Photo reproductions, Maps, Re enactments for Visual etc Can Help ALL storylines. See Project Terminated on Facebook Group & other WW2 groups on Facebook too to Link.
  2. TV Hero Lawman, Ex Marine from Canal.

    My late uncle John Russell was the TV Lawman. He also co starred in It Takes a Thief as Dover for Robert Wagner Al Mundy charcters Boss. His last movie was 1985 Pale Rider. Was Marine Intelligence officer on Guadalcanal, had malaria. Never told any war accounts when I was younger, Dont know his Unit, etc nothing. Any Marine vet can Help. IE acess Personnel files, Unit files etc for Guadalcanal, 1942. & Lawman is on DVD from Amazon as is It Takes a Thief.
  3. Santa Fe event, the Netherlands

    Anyplace to live fire guns on Range, looks awesome, Saving Pvt Ryan, A Bridge too Far.
  4. 94th Aero Squadron Resturant diner

    At Van Nuys Airport in LA CA, is a resturant with WW1 ext decor but serves best American & German fare amid models of planes etc from WW1 Only diner like it in the US I know of. Very Unique when at Van Nuys Airport, CA. Has full size mockups outside diner & diner faces runway & taxi ways.
  5. The Bedford Incident Redeaux

    From mid 60s Cold War movie. Setting USS Bedford DD1K class Zumwalt or Burke class DDG. Enemy is Chinese sub vs Russian against backdrop of terrorisim. Media model: TNT The Last Ship.& Hunt for Red October. Said movie occurs in Arctic & No Pacific, Ship based from VA or Pearl Harbor. No Capt Finlander or a different Finlander charcter from movie. Movie portrays ASW, Ship 2 ship warfare,.
  6. Love to see more details on bombers for, Russian R&D, defenses. vs todays weapons.
  7. Normandy & Verdun

    Arrived in Paris & took rental due West to Caen & saw this city, then same car to tour Invasion beaches. Saw St Mare Eglise & Airborne Museum & Utah Beach. Utah was the best beach. Then drove to Omaha area, saw Cemetary Saw more Musseums Bayeaux Invasion Museum center. Saw British beaches Gold/ Sword /Juno & Hi Rise German bunker center & Air borne Bridge assult Museum center. Stayed at Honfler area, best creapes & Dover sole ever. Love Normandy apple brandy. Then took car & headed E to Verdun with stop over in Cheteau for local experience. Then drove onto battlesite & Church filled with bones from battle alone & then ruins from 1916 battle. Normandy had sunny partly cloudy skies Verdun was cloudy, grey, misty very surreal & depressing, month was October. & we saw Companie site for WW2 surrender visit. Rode in Verdun Dark ride in Fortress center. Very unique Then headed W to Paris, stay at another Cheteau, then Paris then Home. Took trip in 2005, 2006. Wish they had smartphones then, Id send a lot of pics off. If were to do Tour again Id hit London & SE UK for Army camps, AAF bases, Radar posts, CPs alone Then head into Normandy area. Love to shoot WW2 era guns on Range or ride in a restomod Tiger tank. Or ride in a Spitfire 1944 model over beaches.
  8. Dunkirk Review

    Best sequences: In the Spitfires, ditching, the gliding & landing.dogfights & audio FX. Troops being torpedoed Stukas dive bombing. Surreal & Real., & 70MM is the Must see mode.
  9. Dunkirk Review

    Awesome movie, must see in 70mm mode. Good acting, subplots, action& costuming. Movie would have been better had we had meeting in London for OP Mercury then slide over to see civilians manning boats & or Allied forces fleeing France for Dunkirk city & beach proper. Best sequences when torpedo struck rescue ship& the 3 Spitfires fighting Me 109s& He111 over Channel. Saw NO RAF fighters over beaches shooting down Stukas plaguing Rescue efforts. Very disjointed. Otherwise A for Special FX, Filiming One for the ages & above Saving Pvt Ryan.
  10. Davis Monthan Scrapyard to scrap

    DHS told MotoArt ( plane tags etc) they plan to SCRAP all planes at said site & return to desert state. FYI Davis Monthan AFB Boneyard,AZ. FYI for parts, momentoes etc for ALL on WHO.
  11. CWET/ Cold War EuropeTours

    Said Tours would cover Cold War locales, sites from 1945-1991: London Berlin Moscow Kiev St Petersburg Athens. Croatia. Oslo Edinburgh & cover Espionage, Soviet subs, Spies, Spy Games, Berlin Wall, & Guests would tour in Resto Mod updated 60s cars with Guide ala 2015 movie Man From UNCLE style.? Or use Mini Van bus mode, No Huge tour bus mode. Guests would sample Russian, French, German, Dutch, cuisines See bunkers, armories, plays, music, Tech from Cold War era. Sleep over in a ex Russian, UK bunker??? Fee ride in Cold War jets IE RAF Vulcan bomber from Thunderball 007. Shoot guns on range See Cold War media: TV & movies IE 007, Wild Wild West, Man from UNCLE, Persuaders, etc. Total fee?? NO Tour Theme Co does this now for EU marketplace. Tour is Package Fee mode. Groups under 20 OK To avoid Big Tour bus mode & traffic alone. Pvt Tours if possible.
  12. US Jet Rides to Near Space Venture

    Reuse Idle Cold War jets IF possible for fee rides into Near Space- see Russia( Incredible Adventures.com). Sample jets with added rocket booster modules? F100, F101, F4, F14, F15, Mig 17, 21, F106, F105, F104?, F5, F102?, ALL 2 place models. & Russian Chinese jets if any around to update IE Tu28. Base locales for rides: Las Vegas NV Reno NV Near Area 51 NV?> Palmdale CA Burbank CA? Palm Springs CA Sedona AZ Aspen CO Houston TX St Louis MO Memphis TN Miami FL Hilo, Honolulu HI New Orleans Pensacola FL Tampa FL NYC Guests get to keep flight suit, photo & video of Trip. Reuse G suit & helmet ?? Total Ride into Near Space: 2-3 Hours min. Sample fee: 800.00?? 980, 1K? No aerobatics unless guest wants to sample air combat manuevers? Problems: Acess above planes, update engines & airframes FAA OK Local city codes OK Parts for said planes. Pilots to fly to Near Space?? Enough planes to use for project IF demand High for.??? Airport issues. (NOT using LAX, but can Ontario & Burbank CA). Screen guests for flight Security clearance issues?? & screen guests for: airsickness, clausterpobia, fitting into suits, helmets, ejection seat issues?> Insurance. Ground crews for said venture, all airports. Sample Co names: "Mach Space America Right Stuff Space America Near Space America. Touching Cosmos Near Space". Otherwise doable & reuse planes from AZ Boneyard & other locales?? Income sources: Flight tickets TV & Movie Prod use. merchandise: helmets, books, DVDs, Video game, Cold War pop culture, models, DIY kits, RC plane kits, etc militaria Cold War. Use planes for research IE add pods to wings for R&D.]
  13. Pacific Battle Jungle Combat Exp

    Thanks this Helps just ideas no way to make happen for all to sample then.
  14. Korean War 1, 1950-53

    More indepth tales from Korean War era & postwar, Spies,Soviets, Chinese, leading to Vietnam Inside Yalu River air fights. GI Combat in Korea Real life MASH Units. B29 missions over Korea then. US naval ops offshore vs Vietnam, compare contrast. Media & Korean War war then 1950s. IE Bridges of Toko Ri, Pork Chop Hill, movies., Korean culture then vs Today.
  15. Five Most Impractical German Inventions from World War Two

    the Goliath Mobile Mine looks unique, great for anti tank use alone, Today use Remote & guide mine to to ammo, fuel, etc & then detonate or shoot mine into target & run away from blast. Must for Tunnel warfare then in WW1 & Vietnam