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  1. Iraq War, Saddams palaces

    Some could have, some destroyed during Gulf War 1 or Iraq War 2, some saved, some razed, I & we dont know, I do know the US Central Command took 1 palace over during war for CP,
  2. PX Swap

    Cancel idea then
  3. USN destroyers, WW2

    Were most destroyers & DEs 2 or 4 stackers from WW1?? Pacific & Atlantic battle zones.
  4. Iraq War, Saddams palaces

    How many of Saddams palaces survived the war & then Iraq War 2 Are any suitable for tourism or hotels??? How many are owned by the Iraq govt or college??? Or are most razed save those used by US Command then in area? Never seen any pics or vidoes or seen use in movies IE 3 Kings?
  5. B17 Crews over target Dress

    Still question: saw the pilots in B17 on Red Tails wear those helmets in cockpit during mission but rest of crew wore no helmets IE waist gunners & radioman
  6. PX Swap

    For sales, barter Military equipment, models, replicas etc. Users give addresses, financial info?? for Items from other users shipped by UPS, USPS, Fed Ex:? IE Non Guns, Guns, ammo (save for other states). IE books, manuals, guides, maps, uniforms, prop guns?? Vehicles: Jeeps, trucks, armor? models, DIY kits, plastic kits, pre made, flags, pennets etc. Just clear out your basement or attic & ship to WHO Forum Users?? or donate to any Museum in area too. Seller names price & provided shipping to buyer address or connect via Amazon & have Amazon link to WHO site for Buyers. Have Amazon do the finances for security. Amazon/PX Swap. Nationwide marketplace alone. & for gun stores?? (minus CA, HI).
  7. B17 " Bataan", Gen MacArthurs personal

    Anyone know about Gen MacArthurs personal B17 " Bataan"?? Checked online & No photos,, specs, tech on plane when in use. & same for Ikes personal plane for use in ETO, same modified B17 or other cargo plane type. Or served in Air Units that flew planes.
  8. June 6 1944

    Nothing shows up for June 6 in the Pacific, only June 15th date appears.
  9. June 6 1944

    What events if any occured on June 6 in the Pacific while Normandy took place in ETO?? anything or non day. Or the biggest event was Leyte landing in Oct 1944.
  10. Flying Tigers & Tokyo Raid

    Thanks, for feedback, thought AVG was bigger pre Tokyo Raid.
  11. Guppy Subs & Arctic

    Did any modified Guppy class diesel subs probe the Arctic prior USS Nautilus voyage or No?? Did any even attempt to break icepack during said voyages?? Anyone serve on Guppy class boats after WW2?? The subs with streamlined sails & no deck guns etc. prior Skipjack class SSN type. Or did subs spy on China offshore aside No Korea during Korean War.
  12. Flying Tigers & Tokyo Raid

    Maybe dumb question, Why didnt any Flying Tiger units aid Tokyo Raid IE aid guiding planes for landing into China?? Or give air support once raiders hit China. Didnt Tigers have a unit it could send into NE China where Raiders would be incoming from raid? Didnt Raiders inform Chinese Intelligence of arrival area by plane?? some code signal for Chinese freedom fighter units.
  13. Operation Chromite

    Best S Korean made movie on Korean War. Good FX, costuming, period pieces, etc. Liam Neelson is OK as Macarthur but Gregory Peck was better. Good CG FX used. Story about 8 elite undercover men to find chart to minefield offshore for landing. No backstory to Unit until end IE training etc not seen. Only newest movie made about Korean War, since last one I saw was Pork Chop Hill & Men Of the Fighting Lady, Bridges of Toko Ri. Need more Korean War tales. IE If we had such strong bombing offensive, why did we sign Truce with No Korea. Didnt our bombers wreck No Korean economy?? Or was the truce signed due to Russia & China entry into War? Must see movie, non Epic.
  14. movie fodder alone, never seen in documentaries, the rescue of Mussolini.
  15. maybe Rome fell due to economics, civil wars, disease & rising barbarian population alone ,& the then the Games in the Colisseium, killing good trained gladiators who could have fought barbarians