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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Stephen N Russell

    USS Iowa

    Must see museumship: Every veteran who served is recognized & named over the PA with a Thank You for Your service. No audio wands on tour. Follow yellow arrows. Much work to be done. No food service. Can take pieces of deck home for 5.00 On tour Did NOT see CIC,Mn Engine spaces or Main battle turret for16 in guns. Much more to be done. Arriving on deck, the deck watch asks if any is military or former,U give him your details & hear name announced over PA. No food service ashore. Signage helps explain tour Love the 5 in turrets, compact size. Much labor in a BB alone for all manned guns. 16 in guns alone had huge workforce. See Iowa, San Pedro CA, near Cruise Terminal Center. Take 110 Frwy to San Pedro.
  2. Stephen N Russell

    Naval early jets

    Awesome response & Thanks so much,
  3. Stephen N Russell

    Naval early jets

    Has anyone serviced, built, flown these planes:? FJ Fury F4D Skyray F7 Cutlass. I see the F4D as a possible Stealth fighter type updated for today, am I off?? & same for F7. FJ is a F86 for the Navy. Skyray is classic like the B58. Comments, ideas.
  4. Stephen N Russell

    Homefront Production

    Anyone work, service, test fly, these planes:? B19, B32, B40, Rainbow 12, XP67, Skystreak, B54
  5. Stephen N Russell

    U Boats Hiding along Amazon River

    Checked online & seen nothing about U Boats hiding along riverways in Brazil, Venezula, Ecuador from Allied patrols in So Atlantic. Media model: Murphys War, 1971.( On DVD). Peter O Toole, best role since Lawrence Arabia. From novel, written. Anyone who served in Merchent Marine or RN, USN hear of U Boats hiding in riverways after damage etc?? Or Hollywood fiction.
  6. Stephen N Russell

    1st air combat duel

    Read book from Time Life on Soldiers of Fortune about mercenary pilots. & the 1st air combat duel was by 2 merc pilots over Mexico on Curtiss pusher planes with pistols. Year: 1913 Anyone have any details about Mexican rev & US intervention aside Hunt for Villa?? Looks like free for all war based on movies Ive seen.
  7. Stephen N Russell

    Ploesti Raid

    Wikpedia has Hill 327 in Vietnam, not Korea.
  8. Stephen N Russell

    Ploesti Raid

    Thanks, would have helped Im sure if any. no wonder raid went badly.
  9. Stephen N Russell

    Ploesti Raid

    Thought so, so NO guerilla forces in country then?
  10. Stephen N Russell

    Ploesti Raid

    Wkipediaied the Ploesti Raid & one thing stands out: No Intel from any if partisan units to the Allies on German AA defenses etc. or did I miss something. Or was area under total Nazi control & no gueriila efforts in area during raid.
  11. Stephen N Russell

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    Whole topic alone for WHO IE Churchills Toyshop, docufodder alone, Radical
  12. Stephen N Russell

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    Agreed, hell yeah, Im open to such What Ifs.
  13. Stephen N Russell

    Average Germans knew Nazi atrocities

  14. Stephen N Russell

    Average Germans knew Nazi atrocities

    If any German admin type worked in E Front behind Lines, may have been privvy to Nazi atrocities done to Russians, but those on the Western Front alas would never know, then I saw a episode on X Company of them seeking to take a camp survivor to London for his tale about the camps. Otherwise the Western Front would never know about E Front atrocities. My comment covers both E & Western Fronts.
  15. Stephen N Russell

    Average Germans knew Nazi atrocities

    Agreed .