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  1. Camp X & X Co., WW2.

    The X Co is based on the Camp X in Canada for the Ovation TV serials. See Camp X on Wikpedia. Must be added to any WW2 Tours alone for the US side. X Co is Masterpiece Action vs Masterpiece. On Ovation at 7 PM Monday PST. 10PM EST.
  2. USS Lexington found

    Microsoft founder Paul Allen has found the USS Lexington CV2. Hope they make Video record of ship exterior & some interior spaces IE Bridge,CIC, Eng rooms with Drones. & then produce into photobook & DVD. & hes found the USS Indy sunk in 1945 after A bomb delievery. Has anyone here served or Lady Lex or kin did in WW2.
  3. Mob & Allies & WW2

    Has anyone served on the East Coast or Pacific & had encounters with Mafia/Mob for Docks security?? Have never heard of any Mob activity on CA OR HI docks alone pre Pearl Harbor.?? Did the US ever use any Chinese triads for overseeing San Fran docks for Dock security after Pearl Harbor?? Need a Organized Crime Wartime section
  4. Civil War vets head West

    side note: the John Wayne movie The Undefeated touched on this topic but they went West & then South into then French run Mexico, 1865, 1866 year ( on DVD). Then too deserters could have headed West or to farms during war IF not caught & shot. True??
  5. How many Civil War vets, ex slaves or Rebels headed West after 1865 surrender of Civil War? or did many remain in thier locales to rebuild IF in war?? The West had to be a Huge draw once war ended. Id date exodus from 1865 to 1898 when West was settled then & after RR lines estd since 1869 Promontory Pt RR meeting. Is this right or in error??
  6. Yangtze Patrol, Sand Pebbles

    Thanks for your reply, that helps clarify the equip issue.
  7. E Front War Relics

    The Solomans would be a boom, need a base to recover sunken items etc alone & to ID any active explosives & send said stuff to the US or Australia? But for E Europe, need these for bases for salvaging: Berlin & Vienna, Prague Ship stuff from E Bloc to those locales, then to any local EU Museums or to the US. Need workforces for both to document, photograph, archieve data. Have medical types go over the body remains?? Otherwise remove war material: helmets, equip, guns,armor, ammo, manuals, etc IF any Long Term project alone. Id be ideal for tourism: Side trips to villages, castles in area & the Solomans: scuba diving, sailing, surfing? sunning, sans swimsuit vacations, sample Island life, culture, alone. Need academic help & military museums too. on ordnance Im told Verdun has plenty unexploded shells etc lying around & why NATO & French EOD units dont clear each year or use for training for EOD units alone,
  8. X Co.

    Saw X Co. well done, good sets,costuming Plot lines, scripts, Only on Ovation Channel, 7PM PST, 10 PM EST, Monday.
  9. E Front War Relics

    Love the BBC TV idea BUT focus on the Materials not the bodies. IE send in teams to recover those lost arms, helmets,gear & explosives for Museums, collections or for TV & Movie prod use alone esp the Armor. Host an Auction alone for products. Id be a Huge task to clear out E Front of surplus WW2 gear alone Like the worker with that MP44, get that cleaned up to fire?? Much $$$$$ to be made from E Front alone. Be a huge tourist boon. Use ex Russian, German CPs,castles, depots for bases for tourists to explore relics with guides. Set up a Musuem center per city, town alone. Problems: E EU politics codes, laws?? Customs. Otherwise a feast for even the IWM in London alone. Need a newer IWM for E Front product displayed. Tourism benefits: Jobs local Living History Part of Western Front war tours. Side trips for dining, shopping? Unique Tourists see gear being cleaned, washed etc for Sale or display or sold. Use 3D printing for other. Have EOD clear live mines & shells in area. Have US, UK,NATO & Soviet forces clear out minefields?? Compete to clear most acerage??
  10. X Co.

    Going to see X Co, Tonite 7PM PST, Ovation Channel FYI.
  11. Espionage

    Need whole section on Intelligence/Espionage from WW1,Civil War, todate. anyone with any Declassified documents on WW2- Korea War welcome to download etc. Maps, photos, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc CG replicas etc. Id be awesome
  12. Yangtze Patrol, Sand Pebbles

    Side query: why didnt said gunboats have water cooled 30 cal MG aside Lewis MGs too. & or 50 cal MG since introduced in 1921 to military then.
  13. Yangtze Patrol, Sand Pebbles

    Saw movie Sand Pebbles & noticed these No interaction with other foreign gunboats,personnel, during movie. All American, no aid for British, German, French gunboats then & or personnel ashore. Otherwise great sets, locales, costuming etc for then 1966 movie. Has anyone in Forum served or knew one who served in Yangtze Patrol? & odd since movie occured in 1926, that crew didnt acess Tommy Guns for defense aside Lewis MGs & M1903 rifles. Didnt US military adopt Tommy Guns by 1926+??
  14. Korean War 1, 1950-53

    Did US use any B24s, B25s aside B29s for bombing?? IE B25G/H for Tactical bombing missions from Japan or So Korea bases. Did later B17s aid in Recon missions prior raids or scrapped by then.
  15. Guerilla, Resistence , spies

    No, I use as media model IE true, untrue