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  1. I am posting a photo of my grandmother (seated 2nd left) as a forewoman with the WAAC, at Hare Hall, Romford, where she was stationed with the 2nd Artists Rifles. This would have been early in 1917 when the WAAC was formed. I don't know the identity of any of the other women. The soldier was my late aunt's father and on the back she had written that he was the eldest son of an old English Catholic family, and that he died of wounds in 1918. As my grandmother was Scots Presbyterian this could be why they didn't marry although I have no information on this. My aunt was born in 1918 and her younger brother in 1916. Neither birth certificate shows the father's name. I have been trying for several years to try and identify the soldier. I know he has a Military Medal ribbon on his chest and at one time wondered that his surname might have been Cameron but suspect this was a red herring! Any help gratefully received. Thankyou. I