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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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    Thanks. Been at it since 1999. Now converting much to PDFs which should make for easier reading.
  2. Jim West


    I am Jim West, webmaster for several WW2 & Korean sites, all related to Indiana. They include Camp Atterbury, Freeman Field (hundreds of captured German, Japanese and Italian aircraft and material were once here), Ft. Harrison, Wakeman Hospital (largest hospital of its kind in the US), Billings Hospital, German & Italian POWs at Camp Atterbury, 28th INF DIV, 30th INF DIV, 31st INF DIV, 83rd INF DIV, 92nd INF DIV, & 106th INF DIV (all trained at Camp Atterbury). And German POW camps that involved Americans in those divisions. I also maintain reconstructed Rosters of all the above, totaling some 80,000 names and details. It is supported by the US Army and hosted by AmVets of Indiana. www.IndianaMilitary.org
  3. Originally at Freeman Field in Indiana. See www.indianamilitary.org