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  1. Per Christian Veberg

    Hitlers underestimation of Russia.

    He probably did his guesstimating based on the Sovjet war with Finland where the Fins managed to defend against all odds. The Sovjets almost ran out of manpower as well. Both thanks to eminent Nazi tactics and thanks to their own waste of human lives.
  2. Per Christian Veberg

    Where in the world are your from?

    Could you please add Norway?
  3. Here are some similarities https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_Across_the_Belts
  4. Per Christian Veberg

    Worst Job in War

    I submit being a private in the Sovjet Attack Armies. They seldom survived to tell their tales, cannon fodder that they were.
  5. Per Christian Veberg

    The Argentinian Side of the Falklands War

    A minor fumble w the reference to Goa invaded by India as well. It isn't an island. It is a stretch of land in between Maharashtra and Karnataka and formerly a Portuguese colony.
  6. Per Christian Veberg

    A Family History of Warfare

    Grandfather in the SS, but his story as a Nazi goes right back to the thirties, even before he fought for Franco and with the SA in the streets in Germany. He died in 43 and the story about him is rather wild. You wouldn't believe me. (A book was recently released about him here in Norway and he can be googled under the name Per Imerslund). His brother in law was a Prussian. A lieutenant before the war and a Wehrmacht colonel in the end in Leningrad. He was one of the about 5000 to get back from Siberia after Paulus' surrendered with 300 000 or so. Grandmothers brother however was on the right side since he was a sailor. He got torpedoed twice as well and never spoke about how it was. Both my grandfathers sister in Berlin, and my grandmother in Norway got raped by the Allies.
  7. Per Christian Veberg

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    The Sovjet Union was actually close to collapsing due to shortage of manpower. That is how high their losses were. The same can be said about the battle of the Atlantic. Only in tonnage and supply rate in stead of men. It almost got to the point were it could choke off the British war effort. Without the miracle at Dunkirk it would have been very hard to rebuild the British army as well. It would have been down to nukes in the end, (or so is my belief). The Nazis came scaringly close to a win against the odds stacked against them and only Hitlers incompetence stalled their armed forces.
  8. Per Christian Veberg

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    But that is just it, Philip Whitehouse, the war by 43 was set up by Hitlers incompetence. It meant no jet fighters until it was to late and no assault rifles as standard equipment for the troops. It also meant the losses of Stalingrad and Kursk. Without Hitler and Göring in cahoots Dunkirk would have been the end of the British Expeditionary Force. There are plenty of other factors where Hitlers inability played in.
  9. Per Christian Veberg

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    The oil in the Middle east was not yet developed I think? The Germans had oil fields in allied Romania and the were driving towards Sovjet oil fields in the south before Hitler, (again the doofus) redirected them towards Stalingrad were he again botched the plans by letting Göring use Luftwaffe how he wanted. Thereby creating rubble out of the city's streets and houses that suited the Sovjets defensive needs far better
  10. Per Christian Veberg

    Why Nazis Lost the War

    The Nazis lost WW2 because Hitler, (a bloody incompetent corporal), insisted on detailing the specifics of campaigns. While the plans laid down by Wehrmacht's general staff won them France Hitler insisted on letting the British expeditionary force escape when he let Göring take the lead in bombing them. Not only did they botch the plans Luftwaffe had for reducing British defenses when they reordered to bomb cities as petty revenge, but they insisted on a two front war with operation Barbarrossa, nay, a three front war when they went to the aid of Mussolini before Barbarossa. Then there were the grandiose schemes. Building giant guns and giant tanks. While at the same time Hitler stopped the production of assault rifles and jeg fighters. Last but not least, spending logistical resources on cruel and cowardly genocide against civilians. I repeat: Hitler lost the war all by himself.
  11. Per Christian Veberg

    What was the best fighter plane of WWII?

    The question might need clarification. Since we here have wooden workhorses like the Hurricane besting it out against The Swallow with its jet technology. It seems most in the thread are voting for what propeller plane had the greatest impact during the war and that is a specification and sort of a different question.
  12. Per Christian Veberg

    What was the best fighter plane of WWII?

    Without a doubt the M262 Swalbe, The Swallow. Only one man stood in its way of air supremacy. That was Adolf H.