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  1. Looking at the PTO, I'd say the Hellcat. That brought the Japanese Navy on her knees.
  2. Well I for one don't believe a word of what you are alleging and I've seen no facts published about this anywhere.
  3. Did the RAF Bomber Command have a crew rotation policy just like the US 8th Airforce had, after 25 missions (later 35) they were send home?
  4. I don't want to burst your bubble but that seems to me like a bog-standard reply that everybody gets when they send out an email to him.
  5. Hitler once said that all he had to do was kick in the door and the whole rotten structure would come down. With an attitude like that, you think you will win so you invade.
  6. The naval agreement of 1935, allowing the German Navy to build ships as fast as they could. A quote from Wiki: This gave the Germans all the encouragement they needed to get ready for the battle fo the Atlantic.
  7. I fail to see the issue here, what difference does it make if I wish you a happy birthday or I say congratulations in stead?
  8. Incredible, what are the odds for all these things happening on / from one ship!
  9. A big boost in confidence, much needed too for their performance up to that point wasn't impressive.
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