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  1. On August 17th the soon to be Mighty 8th launced their first all american bombing raid. The target was the rail yard in Rouen, France and 12 B-17 bombers were send out being escorted by 4 squadrons of Spitfires. The Luftwaffe ruined the day for the Americans and damage done to the railyard was minimal. Still was a historic day!
  2. The Tragedy of the Destroyer USS Leopold

    What a sad story
  3. I visited the Eagles nest once, stunning views but what an unholy history that place has.
  4. The Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Russia

    Nice, I hope to see that for real one day! Are the vehicles outside all year long? How are they preserved?
  5. Hello!

    Hi Dale, great to have you here!!
  6. Still Serving

    Howdy Bob!
  7. The U-Boat War: A Vital and Misjudged Part of WWII

    Agreed, it was the longest running battle but could the Germans send out enough u-boats to change the course of history? I doubt it.
  8. Arnhem Bridge

    Keep them coming please, I love these pictures! And yes, the city planners tried their best to make the bridge area as rotten as could be after the war.
  9. I've always been amazed by the Gurkas and their fighting spirit. True warriors it seems.
  10. The Gustav Line – Part 3: The Breach

    Great story, thanks!
  11. Besides being an amazing hero he also had a knack for quotes:
  12. Dunkirk beach - Shipwrecks

    I found this one on the site of the Battle Detective, it shows the ship with German Soldiers in front of her.
  13. Dunkirk beach - Shipwrecks

    Fantastic, never knew this! Now I want to see them myself too... I found this picture of the Devonia, in slightly better state.
  14. Now that is a great organization!