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  1. What an amazing place, I wish I would have been able to visit it!
  2. Getting him out of the Philippines sure was a propaganda coup for the Americans, makes you wonder how the war in the pacific would have progressed without him.
  3. What a waste! Did they pay a massive fine, I mean the wrecked a perfectly good Dakota!
  4. Where in the world are your from?

    Yes please!
  5. I agree, we need to make sure that these sacrifices are not forgotten.
  6. That is one heroic man, and lucky too, but shouldn't he have received the VC? What if he didn't survive, would he then have received the VC?
  7. Not the finest page in France's history books.
  8. Australian Vietnam War Day

    Amazing, thank you so much for sharing!
  9. How different would history have been in Mexico if Cortes had been killed early in the campaing when he was briefly captured by 4 Aztec soldiers. Had he not been saved by a Spanish soldier who sacrificed himself in the process...
  10. Mass Produced Firepower – The Rifles of WWI

    Most of these guns saw action in the Second World War too, so they must have been good!
  11. Introductions

    Hello Dimitar, nice to meet you!
  12. Introductions

    Hi T.a.t. nice to meet you! You sure have a way with words, your intro is something special! Hats off to your relatives!
  13. Battle of the Bulge – A Punch In The Gut

    The lack of counterattacks from the North, as well as the failure to attack the bulge at its base, allowing thousands of Germans to escape, can be attributed to Montgomery. Monty's now common behavior of having no sense of urgency at all and taking heaps of time to prepare to go on the offensive meant a lot of Germans were able to continue the war somewhere else.
  14. I voted "a military necessity, the alternative was a million US casualties and an unkown but even larger number of Japanese soldiers and civilians killed. You can debate if the second bomb was required but the first one, they had no choice.