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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Philip Whitehouse

    Average Germans knew Nazi atrocities

    But not all; witness the heroic White Rose Group.
  2. Philip Whitehouse

    happy holidays

    Your courage is admirable.
  3. Philip Whitehouse

    RE: Mistakes in War Movies

    Ü-571 is a total travesty of a film. Although the film was based on a exploit by the Royal Navy, Bletchley Park possessed Enigma machines prior to 1941, when it actually occured,anyway.
  4. Philip Whitehouse

    british 60lb. aircraft rocket

    Doubtful, I would say,with the advent of Chobham-type ceramic ,composite armour
  5. Philip Whitehouse


    Don't you think that the Panzer Mark VI as compared with,say, the T34/85 was slow, short-ranged and prone to mechanical breakdown ?
  6. Philip Whitehouse

    Emancipation proclimation

    Yes, I get that. I merely added another reason why the Proclamation was promulgated when it was.
  7. Philip Whitehouse

    Emancipation proclimation

    The Emancipation Proclaimation might,conceivably, have prevented Britain and France from entering the War on the side of The Confederacy. Perhaps we could view it as an Insurance Policy.
  8. Philip Whitehouse

    Masterpiece in the Pacific - really

    It gets worse. It would be more accurate- and generous- if the piece stated that "Lae was in allied hands".
  9. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    True enough.
  10. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Yep. (sorry- affirmative) I once had an English Teacher who reported that my spelling was "atrocious" (Now that's something I really "earned") But if you're going to insist on the rather stilted "prerogative",that's cool with me. I do have this habit of lapsing into the vernacular.
  11. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Who's the "journalist" in this exchange ?
  12. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Believe what you like:- it's your perogative. As for accusing me of "pontificating", I'm only giving my opinion- and isn't that what a forum such as this is all about ?
  13. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Did you earn your Driving Licence? Of course you did. You took lessons and studied (presumably) to achieve your aim of passing the test and being able to drive legally. It just didn't happen . You earned it. Congratulations ! BTW I too,was awarded Military Medals. I didn't seek them so I didn't "earn" them. On the other hand, I too, possess academic qualifications and you can bet I worked to get them, so I consider I earned them.
  14. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    Now you have lost me. Surely success in the GCE-or any other series of examinations- can be earned by hard graft. It's the object of the exercise. On the other hand, being awarded a military decoration is a by-product of conduct ,not a goal in itself.
  15. Philip Whitehouse

    Please stop using the term "awarded"

    You are quite entitled to disagree. It's really a matter of semantics. (BTW What's the significance of the GCE results ?)