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  1. Quite so. My mother, a newly-married civilian, (working as a secretary at Bakelite Ltd) was out in wartime Birmingham at night extinguishing fires while,at the same time, the RAF personnel who manned a barrage balloon site nearby were safely protected in air raid shelters.
  2. U.S. Navy in the Pacific

    So the US Navy really weren't doing much in the Pacific until after May,1945 ? Well... I suppose it's a point of view.
  3. Why Nazis Lost the War

    That rather ties-in with the notion that Churchill deliberately allowed the Luftwaffe to virtually destroy the City of Coventry in 1940 rather than risk revealing that Britain was privy to German operational communications through ULTRA.
  4. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Very likely. It's always difficult to definately attribute particular discoveries to individuals
  5. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Well argued ,but it illustrates that fixing and giving credit to the particular inventor of a particular device or process can be contentuous. Conceiving appears to be only half the battle, persuading the powers-that-be to proceed with the idea and putting it into practical application is where the rub comes in.
  6. War of Secession motives

    As you say, Lee deemed his loyalty to his home state more important than his loyalty to the USA. Perhaps many felt like that in 1860,regardless of other issues such as slavery or the preservation of the Union.
  7. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Then again, how about Sir Henry Tizard and his Áeronautical Research Committee ? During the early 1930s some thought was given to the development of "DEATH RAYS" (yes-really, a la Flash Gordon) as a counter to the bombing aircraft. Tizard did some "back-of-the -envelope" calculations and came up with the result (obvious to us,now) that the very best that you could hope achieve with such radiation was to raise the temperature of the target aircraft by a degree or two. But what you might be able to do was to discover the position, height and heading of the aircraft, which, in turn, dovetailed into Watson-Watt's work.
  8. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Some would say that Florey- certainly in Australia- should get the credit for the implementation of the use of penicillin. The history of science is littered with examples of good ideas which were not put into effect because the time was not ripe. Who would you credit with the imvention of the first Machine Gun, the first computer etc etc ? But that aside, the first operational use of the Cavity Magnetron was used by the British and,surely, that's the point.
  9. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Surely "giving up" has the same result as not trying in the first place.
  10. Museum ships Id love to see

    How about HMS Belfast in the Thames, London. HMS Victory and HMS Warrior at Portsmouth, UK. The wonderful Vasa museum in Stockholm. ?? These are,of course already "Museum Ships". Another ship about which ,periodically, discussion for preservation arises is HMVS Cerberus which presently does service as a breakwater in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia.
  11. Why Nazis Lost the War

    "Claim "? Certainly the Cavity Magnetron was a British invention.
  12. In the broadest sense,having the idea that Germany could fight the USSR, the USA, and the British Empire simultaneously. Of course they couldn't win.
  13. My mother,who lived in the British City of Birmingham , and spent her nights "Firewatching":- which entailed extinguishing the Luftwaffe's incendiary bombs, saw more hostile enemy action than my father did, certainly until 1942.
  14. Would Operation Sealion have succeeded?

    I'd take issue with the final paragraph of your otherwise excellent summary. I think that you are mistaken that William of Normany was in any way allied with Harald Hardraade of Norway, and,thus, any notion that they somehow coordinated their invasions of England in 1066 is wide of the mark. Actually Hardraade with Harold's brother Tostig were very much the greater threat and they would have had no intention whatever of sharing anything with William had they triumphed at Stamford Bridge. But, back to the thread, the chances of an actual invasion of Britain succeeding was virtually nil,even if Dunkirk had been a disaster for the British and the RAF had been defeated in the air. But a physical invasion might not have been necessary for Germany to win.