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  1. What was the worst mistake made by Germany in WWII?

    Actually ,the irony was that it was not the civilians who insisted that the war should be stopped, but the German High Command, who foresaw defeat in the field as only a matter of time.
  2. Book "Eisenhower 1956 And 1956 Egyptian/Israeli War

    The Suez action had many ramifications. Chiefly perhaps, was the lasting rift caused by the USA administration's quite hostile reaction to the Anglo-French action. The support that one might have expected from an ally was certainly not forthcoming. It certainly reverberated internationally and was just one reason why Britain was not sucked into the Vietnam conflict some five years later despite US requests. Now there was a conflict that was "ünprovoked and unnecessary".
  3. The RAF and the Luftwaffe: Different Ways They Approached WWII

    I'm not really making any assumptions: just posing a question. But surely the manner in which a technical break-through is exploited is of far more value then just being the first in the field to discover it.
  4. Great Cavalry Commanders From Throughout Military History

    Interesting,but would you view the 16th and 17th centuries as "modern times" ?
  5. The RAF and the Luftwaffe: Different Ways They Approached WWII

    Germany the BEST claim ? What of the Cavity Magnetron ?
  6. U.S. invaded

    Do you have any supporting evidence ?
  7. Sir John Monash: Portrait of An Illustrious Military Career

    Can you name the "military commanders" who "didn't believe that a 'Jew' could, or should 'lead' an Australian army" ? (To be technical there was never an Australian army per se engaged in WW 1). Certainly, it's said that Charles Bean,Australia's official historian, was anti-semetic, but such as charge would be very difficult to substantiate. Perhaps Monash's most enduring legacy is the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance of which his was the moving spirit. (I'm a volunteer guide there. If you visit the place, Sunday afternoons, 1st.3rd and 5th Sundays in the Month, come and say hello)
  8. The Republic of Ireland is another interesting case. Upon the death of Hitler,formal condolences to Germany were despatched from Dublin. I have an idea that the Azores were used by the allies in WW2.
  9. What was the most important plane of WWII?

    Douglas DC3/C47/Dakota.
  10. Greatest World War II General

    As said, there's no "correct answer"" For example, I would nominate as "the finest infantry division of the war ", the 9th.Australian Division and its commander ,Gen Sir Leslie "Ming the Merciless" Morshead, as the best divisional commander. Despite his faultless performances at Tobruk and Alamein, probably very few Americans would have ever heard of him. Indeed, why should they have ? It all depends where you stand.
  11. Great Cavalry Commanders From Throughout Military History

    General Sir Harry Chauvel: Australian commander of the Desert Mounted Corps in the Middle East in WW1. Perhaps his most epic achievement was the charge of the 4th.Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba, 31st.October 1917. A humane man of strong Christian faith, unlike many WW1 commanders, he was very careful to preserve the lives of his troops while waging a fast-moving, wide-ranging campaign under Allenby.
  12. Captain Albert Jacka – The First Australian VC In World War One

    No, he wasn't. While, of course, Albert Jacka is respectfully remembered he was not the first Australian to win the VC.
  13. Whats the general opinion of Gen Lloyd Fredendall ?
  14. It's always been my contention that, given a thrusting commander -perhaps in the Patton mold- the Gallipoli campaign might have been won, with resounding consequences eg the Ottoman Empire withdrawal from the war and communications opened through the Black Sea with Russia.