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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. I see in a recent "news" article that the Dutch were allegedly involved in the English Civil War, entering the war on the side of the Parliamentary forces. This is certainly news to me. I've read a good deal on the comflict and this is the first I've ever learnt of such an involvement. Can anybody expand on the article ?
  2. It's pushing the counter-factual a little far, I think. It's interesting to speculate what might have happend if a single detail changed, but not the entre campaign.
  3. The phrase, "his unit's time off " also doesn't really bear too much examination. Not during the Battle of Moscow in 1941.
  4. That was me, I think- pleased to be of assistance.
  5. I sincerly hope all this advertising represents a significant income-stream, because it's spoiling any debate.
  6. I stand to be corrected, but it looks to me very much like a North American B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber. If so ,there's plenty of information readily available about the aircraft.
  7. Interesting. Are you saying that the British were not justified in trying to prevent the French Fleet from falling into Hitler's hands ?
  8. Why do we have to put up with it ?
  9. According to the News Report. the "Maus" tank might have " changed the outcome of World War Two". Hardly !
  10. Interesting. So what political philosophy would you describe as being "Right Wing "?
  11. There is a thread that deals with "Myths of the Second World War ". Obviously this is an ideal place to state such inaccuracies.
  12. Actually I've visited the Karelian Isthmus battlefields as both the "Winter War" and "Continuation War" are of special interest to me. Fascinating stuff ! Whether the seige of Leningrad would have taken place without Finnish (passive) participation is a moot point. As you know, they halted at the 1938 frontier before the city and, while they did move along the River Svir towards Lake Onega during the 1941-44 conflict, that was more a strategic consideration than a bid for annexation. THe point I was trying to make is- just as you did regarding the Kurland Pocket- the Battle of Tali-Ihantala was not a part the Seige of Leningrad per se, which seemed to have been the main thrust of the article
  13. Perhaps the article,while giving an account of the exploits of the Warrior Lady,inadvertently gave the impression that all the actions in which she was involved concerned the seige of Leningrad. The article goes on to mention the Battle of Tali-Ihantala -the battle that probably saved Finland from Russian occupation- which again, was fought some way from Leningrad:- near Vyborg (Viipuri)
  14. Another persistent myth (or is it ?) concerns the bombing of the City of Coventry on the night of November 14-15, 1940:- the Luftwaffe's Operation "Moonlight Sonata ". The proposition is that Churchill- although being forewarned of the impending raid by Enigma intercepts- nevertheless decided to deliberately sacrifice the city. His motive was to protect a precious national resource which might have been compromised if the enemy had got wind of any additional anti-aircraft resources being concentrated to protect Coventry.
  15. A big call. Obviously, almost all "big weapons of war" are out there in the "main history books", and,of course,It depends what history books you have read. Still, if you are referring to items which might be thought to have been overlooked in the popular estimation as being crucial to the war effort (WW2, that is) I would nominate the Studebaker 2 1/2 ton 6 x 6 "deuce and a half" truck.
  16. That's a very broad brief. Do have any particular conflicts or theatres in mind ?
  17. Amidst the otherwise interesting article about the Sopwith Camel there is a picture captioned "British troops fleeing from Dunkirk". The relevence escapes me.
  18. You started it ,mate, and took the trouble to post. Now try and back-up your assertions.
  19. How could you possibly know what my "mindset" is ? Are you going to have a conversation or haven't you got what it takes ?
  20. Where to begin ? Tobruk, for example. Are you aware of the career of Lt-GEN Sir Leslie "Ming the Merciless" Morshead ? An Australian General, commanded at Tobruk - and knighted. Your critique of Montgomery shows how little you know of the man. He was critically wounded in WW1- a young officer leading from the front. Actually,in his career, he saw more real combat than Patton. (By the way he wasn't "knighted by the Queen", but by her father George VI.) But "Robert Montgomery"? Perhaps you should read more.
  21. A stunning re-creation and totally moving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74h-o8dFU8E
  22. Taking the year 1918 in isolation: while the early German offensives achieved initial tactical success, the offensives,taken together ,were a strategic failure: once the breakthrough had been achieved the advancing forces had little logistical support.This is particularly true in that they were advancing across land devastated by four years of war, made worse by the Germans own "scorched earth" policy following their earlier withdrawal to the Hindenberg Line.Thus, they were quite unable to keep-up the flow of ammunition,food etc needed by their advancing forces to enable consolidation and seperation of the British and French forces . (It's always logistics !) Also there was a lack of essential fire support;- once the initial break-through was achieved. the fast-moving infantry outran their artillery. The net result was that the British and French were able to move reserves into the gap and destroy the German momentum.
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