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  1. My purpose for this post is 2-Fold: 1. It is about my Dad and his service in WWII! 2. I am interested to find out if any other members of the board have similar recordings made in the field during any war. I have tried to track down any archives that might include similar recordings. I am sure they exist, but I have not found any. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that knows of such recordings! My dad served as a B-26 pilot with the 573rd Bomb Squadron, 391st Bomb Group, 9th Air Force in England, France, and Belgium during Sept 1944 - May 1945. While in France in early 1945, he was interviewed by an Army Radio Service reporter. The interview was recorded on a 78 RPM record. I found this record in my dad's old Army Air Corp trunk, When I tried to play the record, the needle kept jumping off the recorded! Must have been British equipment because the record plays from the center to the outside. The record had a large chip in it and it was hard to play. I had a friend who worked for a radio station and he was able to play the record and digitally record it, clean up most of the distortion and noise. There is a spot where it sounds like my dad is stuttering, but that is the point were the chip was in the recording. I now have the original, in its original paper and cardboard shipping jacket in a safe place. The record was originally played on WGAL Radio in Lancaster, PA on March 16, 1945 (4 days after I was born). The station notified my mother in Manheim, Pa and the whole town was alerted that it was going to air. After the airing, the station delivered the recording to my mother. I treasure this find! I have created a YouTube video of the recording using pictures from my dad's war service that match the interview. I am not a pro, so it has some issues, but I think it is pretty neat! Here is the link:
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    Been reading the daily WHO email for quite awhile. Finally joined the Forum. Born in Manheim, PA while my dad was stationed at Roye-Ami Airfield in France in March 1945. My Dad was a B-26 pilot. Moved to California when I was 16 and graduated from Cal-State Long Beach in 1967. Went to Air Force OTS at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX in November 1967. Commissioned a brand new 2nd Lieutenant (Wearing my Dad's Gold Bars) on February 16, 1968. Was stationed for 4 years at Otis AFB, MA where I served as a Missile Launch Officer for the 26th ADMS (BOMARC). Left the Air Force as a Captain in February of 1972 and moved back to California. Spent 2 years there and was transferred by my company to the DFW area in Texas. Been here ever since. My Grandfather was Army in France in WWII, my dad, as I mentioned, was US Army Air Corp, I was USAF and my son was USMC. Since my dad passed away in 2008, I have been on a quest to build a complete picture of his time in the service. I have joined the B-26 Marauder Historical Society and have attended their Reunions. It is so great to be able to talk to the 1st Generation guys who actually flew the B-26. This past spring we met in Washington, DC and saw "FlakBait" up close and personal. What an awesome trip. My best friend is a Korean War vet and I signed him up for the DFW Honor Flight. I wanted to be his guardian, but since I am 72, they wouldn't let me! Too Old! Several weeks later, I received a call from Honor Flight telling me that David and I are both going on the Honor Flight to Washington DC on the first weekend of November. His son and my son will be our guardians. It will be an honor to be with David and our sons on this trip! I am interested in anything WWII Army Air Corp and especially the B-26. Look forward to spending some time on this board. MarauderJoe
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