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  1. Very good story in the NZ papers today re a NZSAS trooper and his actions in Vietnam. Thanks to a quota system we had with Australia during Vietnam the SAS never got any medals. Be good to recognise him now though https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/99283095/forgotten-sas-vietnam-war-hero-denied-medal
  2. ever since I was a little lad I remember having toy soldiers and watching war movies on TV, and when we played soldiers I had my dads old webbing that we used to wear running around with our toy guns etc and that childhood fascination has continued into my older years but more on the history side. It is just a very fascinating subject
  3. good question, I have often wondered about how France seem to have conveniently forgotten that they weren't the gallant resistance fighting all over France and that the Vichy government colluded with Germany, Raising troops to fight in Russia, deporting jews and other undesireables to "Nazi work Camps" etc Many French troops including some divisions of the french foreign legion actually fought against the allies especially in French controlled African countries like Morocco. These regions could have aligned with the Free French based in Britain but remained with the Vichy government. France seems to have a short memory when it comes to Vichy and Nazi collaboration
  4. great pics mate We (NZ) had a ceremony at the Menin gate as well with a WAKA (Maori War canoe) was paddled up to the gate where they did a haka..that was good too
  5. although The Japanese were fighting the British as well with Britain being in Hong Kong and Singapore etc so the US would have been fighting on same side as Britain in that theatre so not a big leap to siding with Britain against Nazi Germany as well due to treaties etc
  6. I think before that with the BEF and 400,000 men on the beaches of Dunkirk. Hitler halted the tanks etc as Herman Goring said that the Luftwaffe would destroy them on the beaches. If the British army had been wiped out then he may have been able to force Britain to a truce or at worst a minor irritation then he wouldn't have needed so many troops on the atlantic side and concentrated on Russia, so not fighting effectively a two front war. Also during battle of Britain when he stopped bombing the RAF airfields and started bombing the cities etc...The RAF were close to breaking point, the respite gave RAF time to reorganise and eventually win the Battle of Britain
  7. hi there, bit of an intro from me. I'm from New Zealand and have always had an interest in the military and history in general. My father was in the army during the Malayan conflict and was in signals with the 1RNZIR. Lived in UK for many years and loved getting lost in all the various military museums in UK and Europe Want to know anything else please get in touch Rob Mortensen
  8. a further note, the ANZACS after the evacuation didn't go home as stated here. The NZ mounted rifles were moved to Egypt and fought the Ottomans throughout the middle East and the rest of the NZ Expeditionary force sailed for France and the Western front.
  9. Firstly Cyril Bassett was NOT British he was a New Zealander and was the sole kiwi to win a VC at Gallipoli. The battle of Chunuk Bair it was the Wellington Mounted rifle Battalion from New Zealand that initially captured the hill on the morning of 8 August. Of the 760 men who started the battle only 70 were still standing at the end. The Kiwi battalion was relieved by the British but it was recaptured by the Turks on the 10th August
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