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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Dee Sams

    M-29 Weasel

    Hi Ron - I wish I knew the answers....I wish I had asked more questions about that mission the FSSF was trained for, the suicide mission to go into the heavy water plant in Norway. I would love to have more details, but my stepdad, who was in that unit, passed away in 1984. I would LOVE to see the whole thing de-classified, and for those guys to get the recognition they deserve. That is my mission at this point.
  2. Dee Sams

    M-29 Weasel

    Thanks Ron, Yes I have many books, including The Devil's Brigade, and read tons online...really interesting unit and history, one tough bunch of guys!
  3. Dee Sams

    M-29 Weasel

    On the article about the M-29 Weasel that was developed for the First Special Service Force to use in Norway to sabotage Norway's Heavy Water plant during WWII, your article says it was called off, as do all books and on-line articles. My step father was in that unit, and he always told us they went in, got the job done and managed to get out alive (it was to be a suicide mission). That does not square with all the articles/books. I recently spoke to a former OSS member who told me they DID go into Norway and finished the mission - the reason nothings says they did is it is still classified! My question: Does ANYONE know someone I could talk to about getting this important mission de-classified so these amazing men can FINALLY be recognized for stopping Hitler from getting the bomb?
  4. Great article just one big error...the battle of Bentonville was just southeast of Raleigh NORTH Carolina, not South Carolina as stated in the article. In fact the county it was fought in is now named Johnston county for the Confederate General who fought there. Thanks!
  5. My dad was wwII Army Infantry, European theater, battle of the bulge. Step dad was WWII first special service force, and 3 uncle's also in WWII.
  6. Called off. They were not. They did get in and disable the plant. The reason we can't find anything about it is it is still classified. This info needs to be declassified so these hero's can be honored for what they did. This was a suicide mission that they volunteered for. My step father was part of the FSSF, and they went.
  7. This is not the end of what happened at the plant. The US and Canada developed a unique unit called the First Special Service Force. The reason for this unit was to go into this plant and sabatoge it. All the history books and websites say they were called
  8. Those American and Canadian troops were the First Special Service Force aka the black devil brigade. My step dad Buster Hobbs was one of them, an elite special forces unit, first of the modern era.
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