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  1. Good question! Anybody can write a guest post for us and if it is good enough, we will publish it.
  2. Your votes, please!
  3. Santa Fe event, the Netherlands

    I shot these two video's while in the back of WWII Willys Jeeps:
  4. Santa Fe event, the Netherlands

    There is no live fire of guns at any events possible in the Netherlands but you are allowed to fire blanks, but even that is severely restricted.
  5. Thanks for sharing that information @Gerhard Meyer
  6. Hello all

    Hello Edward, welcome to the forum! Love your topics, a lot of those are not written about on a regular basis so it will be very interesting for us all!
  7. Today I'm at the Santa Fe re-enactment event in the Netherlands. Here are some random pictures of today (more will follow)
  8. Wikipedia lists the number of foreign pilots as follows: With 20% of the pilots coming from the Allied, but occupied countries, I think they deserve their due too.
  9. Just 12 bombers, rather a far cry from the 1000 bomber raids later in the war. But you got to start somewhere!
  10. Chosin Retreat

    Ever seen this one? It's the story told through an animation, I think it is well done and manages to convey the horrors endured by the soldiers pretty well:
  11. I've been there too, I'll dig up the pictures and make a post here.
  12. A day late, I know but too important (and usually overlooked) not to mention here. The goal of the operation was to secure the vital ports on the French Mediterranean coast and increase pressure on the German forces by opening another front. After some preliminary commando operations, including the British 4th Para's landing behind enemy lines to secure vital transport links, the US VI Corps landed on the beaches of the Côte d'Azur under the shield of a large naval task force, followed by several divisions of the French Army B. They were opposed by the scattered forces of the German Army Group G, which had been weakened by the relocation of its divisions to other fronts and the replacement of its soldiers with third-rate Ostlegionen outfitted with obsolete equipment. (Wiki)
  13. The Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Russia

    Stunning, thanks for sharing!!