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  1. Worst Job in War

    Frontline trench digging in WWI
  2. ed forsyth

    I am honored to meet you, Ed! It also makes me understand your passion behind this, you fought with them and knew some of them.
  3. U Boats & the Arctic & US Subs

    In WWII subs were not used to hunt other subs, the technology to detect submarines underwater didn't exist then. With regards to the ice pack, in WWII subs spent very little time underwater, they had small batteries that needed frequent charging. Going under the ice pack would be suicide.
  4. Bombing Germany & allies

    Not an easy question to answer but the short version is that the Allies thought the quickest way to stop the slaughter in the death camps was to defeat Nazi Germany. Bombing the railroads or the camps would not help to defeat the Nazis so they chose not to do it. On a slightly different note, precision bombing was not possible at all so had they tried to bomb the guard houses / towers at the camps the chances of bombs falling at the prisoners' huts was very real. A lot of lives would be lost and it would give the Germans a nice propaganda boost.
  5. SS & Gestapo interrogation

    The Germans had different camps for different ranks. When the US Army Airforces found out that Sergeants were treated better than privates they promoted everybody on board the bombers to (at least) Sergeant.
  6. ed forsyth

    I visited the Canadian War Cemetery at Groesbeek last week, we are honored to have these man buried on our land. It keeps the memory of the cost of freedom alive.
  7. The bs of that was so obvious there was no need to discuss it?
  8. Why Nazis Lost the War

    Sure it was the same size of Wisconsin but they had a lot more people living there. Plus all the Austrians (who still consider themselves victims) and the men from occupied territories that wanted to fight for the Nazis. A lot of men, but not enough, thank god!
  9. If you are able to take some pictures and post them here that would be very much appreciated!
  10. The Notorious Klaus Barbie: The Butcher Of Lyon

    Thanks, I will pass that along to the editorial team.
  11. MarauderJoe Here!

    Hi Joe, what a great introduction! Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will like it here!
  12. WWII Field Interview with my dad (B-26 Pilot

    Wow, this is stunning! I've never come across anything like this.
  13. Greatest World War II General

    For the Soviets, Zhukov For the Allies I choose General Truscott
  14. No Africa Combat

    It was all year round but in the earlier stages of the desert war between the Germans & Italians on one side and British & Commonwealth on the other informal rules developed sometimes where they would leave each other alone at the end of a day.