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  1. What was the best Axis tank of WWII?

    I voted Panther, Stug and the P38t The Panther was an outstanding tank, the best of the war. The STUG was such a simple and versatile SPG / TD that was easy to make and available in large numbers. The P38t I chose because I had to pick one and I think this was better than the others. But I'm not an expert on German light tanks of WWII...
  2. Can you keep us updated on this? Would like to know if that book is worth reading.
  3. What is your favorite Aviation Film?

    I really enjoyed the aerial warfare bits of Dunkirk, but to call that an Aviation film is stretching it. Memphis Belle, the original is very special to me because it is the real deal, real men, planes, combat.
  4. Leyte, Hill 120

    That must have been a very special to visit! Thanks very much for sharing this!
  5. Kamikaze shrine

    How strange to have a monument for this, then again the courage of these pilots cannot be doubted.
  6. Otto Skorzeny

    A while ago it was revealed in the news that Skorzeny became a hitman for Israel after the war. What are the odds of that!
  7. Every day I see a C-47 is a good day, I love the gooney bird.
  8. Yeah if you want to live a long life, trying to conquer the world may not be the right career move.
  9. Royal Air Force Museum, London

    So the question is, why is the Mustang in US markings and not in RAF markings? IIRC the RAF flew the P-51D too.
  10. Museum ships Id love to see

    When I was in Philadelphia once I really wanted to visit the battleship New Jersey but it was closed Not sure if I'll ever be back for that....
  11. To be honest, I never heard of it either... But there were so many wars and some fought very far away that it is very difficult to keep track of it all.
  12. Would Operation Sealion have succeeded?

    It is the same with everything, you have a connection with somebody or you don't and that makes all the difference. I've been fortunate to listen to the stories of a couple of WWII Veterans from the UK and the USA, and the most amazing thing to me is realizing that they actually went through it. They are the linking pin between the history books, black and white photos and footage that I've been watching since I was a toddler. Then it all becomes very, very real. One of my most special memories is watching A Bridge Too Far on a big screen on the John Frost Bridge with the veterans at the 60th commemoration. When we were at the part of the SS recon group trying to force their way across the bridge (where we were sitting) and the veteran sitting next to me said that he was there at the bridge as a machine gunner firing down from the rooftops. That was so weird, so special.
  13. Otto Skorzeny

    He almost caused the rescue mission of Mussolini to fail when he insisted on being on the evacuation plane. It nearly crashed and would have been a fitting end for those two but alas.
  14. Would Operation Sealion have succeeded?

    Incredible story, Ron!
  15. Introductions

    Welcome, Harry!