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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. Joris

    who are you?

    You mean this About Us feature?
  2. Read, read, read and read. Then read some more!
  3. Thanks for sharing, Phil
  4. I'm very sorry about this, trying to keep up with cleaning out the spammers and the stuff they post.
  5. We would like to keep the forum about past battles.
  6. Court martialed for what what, taking a gamble? Trying to end the war in a military operation?
  7. Yeah sorry about that, we had some issues with it but all should be good again now!
  8. That sums it up for me, thanks!
  9. For me it would be the T-34/85, the ultimate WWII version of the T-34.
  10. Finished "Nach Holland" and now onto Autumn Gale about Kampfgruppe Chill in the autumn of 1944 (including Operation Market Garden. I have read bits and pieces of it already but will now start at page one. http://www.autumngale.com/
  11. Joris

    Le Touret Memorial, France.

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
  12. Again, thank you for sharing these pictures with us. A lot of places I've never been to but I will visit them someday, not all on the same trip as that would be too much suffering to contemplate.
  13. Ebooks could work well for me too but then I need an ebook reader, reading them on my phone is not very comfortable. But I prefer a real book over an ebook any day.
  14. I've been looking into soldiers that died around my hometown and there were a number of Canadians who now have a lake named after them. A very nice gesture and a great way to make sure these men are not forgotten.
  15. Dropping it on the Ruhr would have been catastrophic for the neighboring countries too as it lies on the Western border of Germany next to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.
  16. I'm still reading through my backlog of After the Battle magazines, now at the latest issue which features a story about the Lodz ghetto. That will be grim reading I'm afraid. Having not read any of the magazines for 2 years I bought all missing numbers and read them in one go, very good reading material which covers all kinds of subjects. Not all stories are as good as I was expecting though.
  17. That looks great, thanks for sharing Damian!
  18. Joris


    Welcome aboard Arun, we are happy to have you onboard!
  19. Joris

    Backpack Nukes

    Great feedback, thanks!
  20. I agree with you Triumpdave, the further they advanced the easier it would have been for the allies to cut them off and surround them. There wasn't much to win from their attack in the west, except prove once and for all that the USA had a very capable army.
  21. Joris

    done with it..

    Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to see you go.
  22. Again, thanks for sharing. Truly terrible places which we should all visit so we will never forget.
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