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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. Actually, I found "The Guard Channel" online in 1995 and a flood of memories, bad and good, rolled over me after 23 years of shoving that back into the recesses of my mind. It opened me up to getting involved with other Veteran organizations which was a good thing.
  2. At least they are talking good things about them.
  3. Yeah, it happened a lot for me after doing Vietnam all of 1968. Tet Offensive was the worst as it was my first experience of people trying to kill me. After that I just hardened up. BUT, it gets better with time, with me anyway. I found a good wife, had 3 daughters, good job and my daymares and nightmares came less and less. The triggers are still there, but I can handle them now that I know what they are. Thought I was crazy for 20 years until I met and became friends with the (then, 1998) director of the NC state veterans assistance. He told me I had PTSD and should see someone. After much nudging, I walked the halls of the Salisbury Va and found a lady Psych at her desk and asked to talk to her. I received a lot of help by them just listening, but being in several Veterans organizations is the best help I could have imagined. Started up a chapter of Military Order of the Purple Heart soon after and felt normal among my fellow warriors. Try that.
  4. If Hitler had just left Russia alone, purchased what they needed from the oil fields, and finished one front at a time, he would have succeeded. He made many strategic mistakes, but beginning another front with Russia spread his armies and supplies too thin to ever succeed. "One dead man to a box" should have been his creed.
  5. A lot of us do not show signs of PTSD even though we still have the nightmares and daymares. We just deal with it and don't talk about the war. Myself, I have done some interviews for news or history, and I do talk to my brothers in MOPH and VFW, but mostly to help them.


    Hi Patriots, I'm a 100% disabled Vietnam combat Veteran, 1968, 123rd Aviation Battalion,Company A (Huey) and Company B(OH-6, OH-23). I served as crew chief and door gunner. Married 47 years with 3 daughters, 3 granddaughters and one poor abused grandson. My 19 yr old granddaughter Abby is attending LSU and in the Color Guard. I'm retired from Bellsouth Telecommunications (South Central Bell, AT&T, etc.) I rode motorcycles all my life until recently and I am a commercial pilot, although not flying anymore.(one leg and diabetes) I love to hear your war stories. Bring 'em on.Crewing a gunship.tifCrewing a gunship.tif First Oh-23.tif 400x400 pixels.tif
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