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  1. Unidentified soldier and WAACs

    Quite a story. But a difficult one to retrace, so it looks...
  2. Unidentified soldier and WAACs

    Had you seen this? https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/dixnoonanwebb/catalogue-id-dix-no10028/lot-cfcb2e2f-2a4b-4a02-be7f-a6c501127b41 I suppose this is yours? http://www.ww1photos.org/photo/a718-unknown-soldier-thought-archie-cameron-m-m-8th-battalion-border-regiment-killed-9-april-1918-courtesy-alison-botterill/ And this? https://www.dixonsmedals.co.uk/military-medal-16964-kosb-16964-lieut-cameron-kings-scottish-borderers-p-1028675.html?osCsid=1rkg5gaojtgakvblcck1a91cl2 And this? http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/161749-archibald-borland-cameron-archie-cameron/
  3. This is a very interesting Youtube channel, giving a weekly update about the events during WW1 exactly 100 years ago. A lot of cathing up to do if you start from the beginning off course, but the episodes are not very long, but very informing: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGreatWar
  4. Unidentified soldier and WAACs

    Though job to find this I think. Will do an effort enquiring on some Belgian messageboards.
  5. Good morning!

  6. October 12, 1917 - Battle for Passchendaele

    I saw that passing by on FB too :-) Looked very beautiful indeed!
  7. Today I went to the centennial commemoration of the Battle for Passchendaele at Tyne Cot cemetery in Zonnebeke, Belgium. The ceremony was from and for the New Zealanders who never lost as much men as on this day in 1917. Very impressive ceremony. The ceremony was attended by New Zealander and VC-winner Willie Apiata.
  8. Not sure if it would be good to watch that. I'd want them all
  9. October 4, 1917 ~ Tyne Cot

    PS: sorry I'm one day late for this
  10. October 4, 1917 ~ Tyne Cot

    On this day 100 years ago, Allied troops conquer the hill known as Tyne Cot. Tyne Cot refers to a tiny shed that used to stand on this location and was surrounded by five German pillboxes. Until October 4, 1917 this location was a stronghold from the German Flandern I-Stellung. The 3rd Australian Division sets up a medical aid post in the biggest of the pillboxes. A cemetery formed around the meical aid post. After the war more bodies are brought over from other locations. This location now is the biggest Commonwealth War Cemetery on the European mainland. A Cross of Sacrifice now has been erected on this pillbox. Lest we forget...
  11. Yes indeed. Spending much time learning about these events.
  12. No way, what if I get even less than 4 next time?