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  1. Linkert

    2500 members - fantastic!

    What if people choose the same friend?
  2. Linkert

    Remember '39-'45 museum

    But better inform ahead if it's open.
  3. Linkert

    Remember '39-'45 museum

    That's how we did it Battice, Henri-Chapelle and Remember '39-'45
  4. Linkert


    I visited Oradour twice. In my opinion you can't compare the places (not talking about the horrible event). Oradour really shows you how life was before this event, you can just walk through the streets and see who lived where, where the church was and how it looked like. In Lezaky everything is gone, there's not even a village rebuilt next to it like it is in Lidice or Oradour. It's so peacefully calm there now, gave me the chills when I thought of what happened there. Maybe I should open an Oradour topic with some of my pictures.
  5. Linkert

    Battice fort

    The people of the Fortress of Battice recommended Hackenberg too
  6. Linkert

    264th Infantry Regiment

    This should be it: http://66infantrydivision.wixsite.com/black-panther/poche-de-lorient
  7. Linkert


    Last summer I did a road trip throug Germany and Czech Republic again. One of many WWII-related places I visited was the destroyed village of Lezakt in Czech Republic. Here you can read about the massacre that took place: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ležáky These are some of my pictures:
  8. Linkert

    Ypres tomorrow!

    Cool! That's one I haven't been yet
  9. Linkert

    264th Infantry Regiment

  10. Linkert

    My life as a child !

    Quite a story. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Linkert

    Where in the world are your from?

    Yes! I'm no longer alone!
  12. Linkert

    Why are you interested in War History?

    My main interest only began in 2007, when I went on a real holiday in Normandy, and yes, we bumped in to some historical places That's how it started off. The year after we went back, the year after I went back alone without girlfriend But I am now happy I found one who joins me on my trips when she can, on our first date we watched 2 episodes of Band of Brothers. I study a lot about WWI and WWII. I do some tours for friends now and then as well on WWI as on WWII battlefields. I love learning more about it, researching it and telling about it.