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  1. Ja Joris , they dit the same thing a few days later when the troops were already inland . As bonus they killed US General Leslie Mc Nair !!
  2. indeed MISTY 44 , as we look at the beach bombing by the Airforces at morninglight was far out of target !
  3. I don't think so Timothy . The accident occured in the vicinity of Tran Tao near the Chinese border in Northern Vietnam . The body of Lt.Col. Dewey was recovered by Chinese troops and send to Kunming ( China ) ! On a demonstration in Hanoi weeks later Ho Chi Minh promised that no further American lives should being spend for the liberation of the republic of Vietnam . But 20 years later.....?
  4. The commander of the OSS " Deer Team " was Major Archimedes Patti who was in close contact with Ho Chi Minh to restore the talking about the Vietnamese independity . Another OSS team codenamed " Embarkment " was also in charge on the training program for the Vietnamese troops and under command of Lt. Col. Peter Dewey . Dewey , underway in an unmarked jeep was trapped in an ambush and killed by friendly fire . Lt. Col. Dewey was the first US military that died in Vietnam . Source : 10.000 days Vietnam by Michael Maclear . ISBN 978 902 182 9470
  5. I fully agree with you Joris . The first drop was made by the pathfinders arround midnight . Followed by the chaotic droppings of the 82nd and 101st Airborne . Then the Airforce started the bombing at the beaches , badly much to far inland to create safety for the landing troops . In the few hours before the landings many thngs have to be done ! It was a chaos for the paratroopers but also for the German defenders
  6. Before the liberation of the POW's Norway allowed the British Navy to drop seamines in Norway's territorial waters to stop the German traffic of Swedish steel .
  7. In my opinion the Germans were able to land on the English coast , and that will be all !! With the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow and Force G ( Adm. Somervell ) out of Gibraltar unbeaten , the Germans had no chance to supplied and re-enforce the landed troops with the necessary goods for an further invasion . Only my opinion !
  8. Dear Dianne , Many things about Montgomery you writed down are correct and justified . What I want to explain is the way he used tactics . Specially in Northern Africa where he used his tanks as back-up for his infantery , lets say the old British way . In Normandy he was faced with the debacle of the city of Caen . The liberation of the port of Antwerp was useless as long as the Germans were in posession of the isle of Walcheren . The Germans that escaped there he has to fight them again at Arnhem ! About Arnhem , Horrocks , a friend of Monty , was a sick man afther receiving a lungshot in Africa and afther a long period of revalidation not so up to date . I have great respect for Montgomery as a man and specially his ascetish way of living . In the book " African Trilogy " by Alan Moorehead I read the anecdote about Monty , just in command , ordered the British officers out of the hotels and golf places into the desert for living in tents ! Marvellous that !
  9. Remember Gen. Gott was Churchill's choise to lead the 8th Army in the desert . An aircrash decided otherwise as Gen. Gott was killed in it . Montgomery was the last availlable general in a long row of candidates and surely not Churchill's favorite at that moment !
  10. The British officer looks like Sir Alan Brooke (I guess)
  11. With all respect to Joris , but the funny hat at the midlest picture is an Moroccan FEZ , the national beared hat in Morocco ! I can't identified the person , but Moroccan troops fighted beside the Free French Forces in Northern Africa .
  12. A perfect example of British military incompetance . A shame for Haig and Rawlinson . All respect and honour to the soldiers who follow the orders !
  13. Correction : Courtland (Kurland - Land of the Koers / Latvia) is situated between the town of Riga and the EAST see , not the BLACK see ! See your opening alinea !
  14. Thats right glidercfeqh ! The US general Mark Clark , commander of the 5th Army in Italy had a team of 70 public relation man behind him ! They wrote every day articles about him and they were publishing on the front page of the newspapers !
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