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  1. Not sure, maybe the aircraft flew in US markings and they wanted to keep the aircraft in the original.
  2. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. S21 was a school turned into a torture facility by the Khmer Rouge. After detainees were interrogated they were sent to the Killing Fields nearby. The 1984 movie The Killing Fields is about what went on there. On the Killing Fields themselves, every step you take you step on human bones sticking out of the ground.
  3. This one was closed when we stopped by, so could only get pictures of what was outside.
  4. The Battle of Horseshoe Wood, the crossing of the Moselle River at Dornot, France. Nearby is a small private museum in a house, the items were collected all across France, mostly from stopping at farms and being allowed to check inside old barns where items were stored, and forgotten about, from WWII.
  5. Another museum that you need to set aside plenty of time to see everything. I visited with my dad, he is next to an AT-6/Texan, same type of aircraft he flew with the Royal Canadian Air Force back in the early 1950's. The WWI section was closed off for renovations so we couldn't step inside the hangar area.
  6. In the town of Mabalacat, outside of Clark Air Base, there is a shrine to the Kamikaze pilots who took off from the former airfield on the first missions against American ships in Leyte Gulf. The first picture was taken in 1986, second in 2000, and how it looks today.
  7. In the town of Balanga, on Bataan, there is a fairly new WWII museum located in the same school where the surrender of Bataan was negotiated. It's small, I donated some WWII era medical supplies to it.
  8. This is one of those museums that it would take more than one visit to see everything.
  9. This took place at the Clark Air Base Veteran's Cemetery, VC awardee Keith Payne flew in from Australia with his wife to attend the ceremony.
  10. Some pictures I've put together of different areas.
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