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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. The thing about the V.C is its very difficult to award the circumstances in which it can be awarded are so strict that I care awarded one you will be lucky to be alive to collect it
  2. Mark Lawton

    Rest in peace

    Let us all stop for a minute and think of the two American service men that were killed in Afghanistan yesterday. Stand down soldiers your duty is done Godspeed and bless you and your family
  3. If people are moronic enough not to show the solemn and what is represented in places like this they deserve more than a telling off
  4. Mark Lawton


    A little history of my background . On leavening school I joined the British Army and trained as a combat medical Technician . 1975-87 did 5 toured of Northern Ireland and the Falklands war have souvenirs gun shot wound N.I she'll splinters Falklands . And PTSD now to top it all I now have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
  5. I have great respect for the P.A.F both in the wars between Pakistan and India and now have found out that they flew with distinction in the Arab Israeli conflict thanks for that information
  6. I don't think there can be only one the T34 was a shock for the Germans and with its well sloped amour and a reasonable gun (76'2) and later T34 85 with a gun that could defeat the amour of most German tanks . The Sherman thin amour under gunned but fast and manovrable the gun a little ore than a pop gun compared to the Germans 75 mm on the panther and later MK IVs even when fitted British 17lb Dr in the firefly good gun the tank was under armoured it was the numbers available which made a difference the top brass didn't care about the fate of the crews so thought it ok to lose five or six Sherman's to knockout one Tiger
  7. How about the second battalion of the parachute regiment at goose green we were amazed after the battle that 450 of us took well over 1000 Argentinean prisoners we were out numbered and out gunned I was a combat medic with them saw true heroes
  8. Mark Lawton

    Airborne March

    I would love to participate in this March and pay homage to my past airborne brothers see you all at the last R.V
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