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  1. I thought this would be very interesting to share with the forum. On my recent Visit to Pakistan I encountered something that will last with me for a lifetime. Here, installed is an F-86 Sabre jet that flew in the 1965 and 1971 India Pakistan wars. This jet was placed at a high altitude into the mountains surprisingly. When I first sighted the plane I was full of excitement as the F-86 is my all time favorite aircraft mainly because of it's handsome looks and how it maneuvered for it's day! The F-86 was piloted by many Aces Especially a feared pilot for his day, MM Alam who Downed 5 enemy planes in less than 60 seconds, a record that still stands today. These are surely precious photos to me, (sorry about the bad quality, I had a crappy Samsung J5 at the time). I hope you enjoy these photos!
  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! the torture chamber gave me a bit of a shiver
  3. Currently reading this, it was gifted to me by a friend because somehow he though I was an Arab but I am Pakistani *lol* also he knows how much I love warplanes and dogfights. Really interesting book so far, Reading this tells me Israel have been dominating the skies since they were founded and we gotta give em credit.
  4. I am going to go for the P-47, A very solid brute plane for it's day, I was watching a documentary about an aerial battle over Germany that involved BF109's & P-47'S. A P47 had ran out of fuel and Was gliding in the air retreating back. A BF109 came up onto it's tail and starting firing it's guns. Once the Pilot fired enough he increased the throttle and flew alongside the P47 looking at the damage and wondering why the plane was still in the air and flying. The German pilot then fired a few short bursts again and then he went to check the damage again. This time the pilot backed off and disappeared into thin air. The US Pilot then stated that after a few minutes the 109 came back and started firing full until it's cannons ran out of ammo. The US Pilot stated that the German pilot again came up and they were flying wing to wing. The US Pilot said the German pilot was staring at the damage, shook his head, rocked his wings (as a salute) and then retreated. Man I had goosebumps watching that part.
  5. I purchased this game on Xbox one as soon as it was Released. I completed the game in 2 days (yes quite a lot of gaming). Best £50 I have ever spent. The graphics are beautiful, sometimes in cut scenes I can not tell if these are computer graphics or I am watching a real movie *lol*. The story line is fantastic showing how Allied forces weakened Nazi Germany and I have never felt so dragged into a game in my life. Honestly people! purchase this game! For multiplayer I don't enjoy It, really do not know why, keep getting my butt handed to me, other than that I don't feel the emotion of 'fun' when I am playing. Really disappointed, (but hey! that is just me not liking it)
  6. It's a three way tie for me between Spitfire, P51 & BF-109.
  7. 20th August, During the Indo-Pak war of 1971. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas was a Pilot in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Minhas, a newly commissioned officer of 1971 is the only PAF officer to receive the highest valour award, the Nishan-e-Haider (Mark Of The Lion). He is also the youngest person and the shortest-serving officer to have received this award only at the age of 20. "Having joined the air force, Minhas was commissioned on March 13, 1971, in the 51st GD(P) Course. He began training to become a pilot. On August 20 of that year, in the hour before noon, he was getting ready to take off in a T-33 jet trainer in Karachi, Pakistan. His second solo flight in that type of aircraft. Minhas was taxiing toward the runway when a Bengali instructor pilot, Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman, signalled him to stop and then climbed into the instructor's seat. The jet took off and turned toward India. Minhas radioed PAF Base Masroor with the message that he was being hijacked. The air controller requested that he resend his message, and he confirmed the hijacking. Later investigation showed that Matiur Rahman intended to defect to India to join his compatriots in the Bangladesh Liberation War, along with the jet trainer. In the air, Minhas struggled physically to wrest control from Matiur Rahman; each man tried to overpower the other through the mechanically linked flight controls. Some 32 miles (51 km) from the Indian border, the jet crashed near Thatta. Both men were killed. Minhas was posthumously awarded Pakistan's top military honour, the Nishan-E-Haider, and became the youngest man and the only member of the Pakistan Air Force to win the award. Similarly, Rahman was honoured by Bangladesh with their highest military award, the Bir Sreshtho. Minhas's Pakistan military citation for the Nishan-E-Haider states that he "forced the aircraft to crash" in order to prevent Matiur Rahman from taking the jet to India." "After his death, Minhas was honoured as a national hero. In his memory the Pakistan Air Force base at Kamra was renamed PAF Base Minhas, often called Minhas-Kamra. In Karachi he was honoured by the naming of a main road, Rashid Minhas Road". Rashid Minhas (Martyred), 17 February 1951 - 20 August 1971. T-33 Jet trainers of the PAF Matiur Rahman, the Defecting pilot, (He was Rashid's flying Instructor) Rashid Minhas was Identified by his watch and his ID.
  8. 1. Saving Private Ryan 2. Black Hawk Down 3. Lone Survivor 4. Hacksaw Ridge 5. Memphis Belle (Original) 6. The Hurt Locker
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    Salutations! Welcome to the forum
  10. On August 4, 1988, One of the most lethal weapons used by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was their latest fighter bomber, the SU-25. During one of its night engagements with the Pakistani F-16 inside Pakistan, the SU-25 was shot down and its Russian pilot who ejected was taken POW. The Pilot of the SU-25, Colonel Rudskoi Alexander Vladimirovich, was also the Inspector of SU-25s deployed in Afghanistan. He was eventually handed over to the Russian authorities on 16 August 1988. This officer rose to the position of Vice President of Russia in 1991. Squadron Leader Athar Bukhari of No 14 Squadron was the pilot of the F-16 while this night interception was conducted on radar by Squadron Leader Taufiq Raja. "PAF F-16 pilot Squadron Leader Athar Bukhari who shot down a Soviet Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 near Miranshah on August 4, 1988." "Outer section of wing of Soviet Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 shot down by PAF F-16A."
  11. Yes, in terms of Air to air combats, the PAF play a crucial part although they are still underdogs to the world.
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    Rest in peace

    Yes, very sad news, may they rest in peace and God bless their souls.
  13. I'd thought this would be a very interesting topic to share with the forum unaware that Pakistani & Israeli pilots did battle each other in air to air combat. The Pakistani pilots were known as the 'Unsung heroes of the Arab-Israeli wars'. 5th June 1967, the Israeli's are bombarding the Syrian, Egyptian & Jordanian Air forces, the Arabs ask the Pakistanis for help, 16 PAF pilots volunteer and fly off. Fast roll back to the 6 day 1967 war. "Within 72 hours, (Pakistan's) Saiful Azam (alias "Master Of Migs) became the only fighter-pilot in the world to hold the record of shooting down three confirmed kills of Israeli aircraft in air-to-air combat and damaging one plane that crash landed, a record that still stands today". "All told, Pakistani Air Force pilots, in addition to Saiful Azam serving in Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria, in 1967 war, downed as many as 10 Israeli aircrafts without losing a single pilot or a single aircraft. Pakistan, moreover, provided the Arab states with numerous military advisors and pilots who also served in 1973 war with remarkable achievements. The Pakistani military also provided critical military restructuring and reevaluation especially to Jordan after the 1967 war". "During the 1973 war, for example Flt. Lt. A. Sattar Alvi became the first Pakistani pilot, flying a Syrian aircraft to shoot down an Israeli Mirage in air combat. Similarly and on the Egyptian front, PAF pilot Flt. Lt. M. Hatif , flying an Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4 phantom in an air combat. Pakistani Air Force did not lose a single pilot or aircraft in any of the wars". "After the engagements, Flight Lieutenant Captain Sattar Alvi and Shahbaz formation leader Squadron Leader Major Arif Manzoor were awarded two of Syria's highest decorations for gallantry, the Wisaam Faris and Wisaam Shuja'at in 1973 by the President of Syria Hafez al-Assad in a public ceremony" "It is rather strange that the Pakistani contribution to Arab militaries is never mentioned in Arab culture let alone in official Arab histories of the war. Pakistan had a contingent of at least 16 pilots who served as volunteers in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq in 1967 and 1973 wars". Although PAF Pilots played a crucial part to help the Arabs, Israel still managed to keep All Arab air forces on the ground and Win all the wars. http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/08/01/229723.html "Flight Lt Sattar Alvi standing with a Mig-21" " MIg-21 Gun camera footage of an F4 Phantom moments before it was shot down by Flt. Lt. M. Hatif " "Saiful Azam remains the only fighter pilot who has flown for four air forces (Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq and Pakistan) at war, along with the unique distinction of having skills against two different air forces (India and Israel), United States Air Force honored Azam in 2000 and that Azam is "One of the twenty two 'Living Eagles' of the world"
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    Salutations! Welcome to the forum fellow Briton.
  15. Looks absolutely stunning, something you sure dont wanna collide with *lol* can I ask what engine size it is and what fuel it runs on?
  16. Yes it must have been extremely scary, especially for the tail gunners who saw it first, they are the main target as the ramming tactic is to aim for the tail wing, this then makes the plane uncontrollable and plunges into a dive.
  17. Yes this is true, it was either fight or die and lose the war, the Germans knew there were going to lose the war that is why they brought out these tactics, a Luftwaffe commander had even asked Hitler for approval to execute this mission, at first, it was stated that Hitler ignored the message, later on during the same day, having lunch with his wife, he then gave the green light and that is when the mission was a go.
  18. True, I had no idea what Hitler was thinking then, Can't underestimate the British!
  19. Too much perfection in one picture, Id love to see this in person!
  20. Yes the Germans were desperate especially on that day when there were 1300 US Bombers over German airspace, my question was why on earth did they strip of nearly all the armament and weapons? they had the ammunition but why did they not just try and shoot them down? were there too many bombers? these questions sadly remain unanswered. It was stated that over 2000 Luftwaffe pilots volunteered for this dangerous mission, 300 fighter pilots of those 2000 were selected and these pilots were mostly aged 18-21 as their battle experience was low or they had no experience at all. The mission was classified as a fail as around 22-24 bombers were downed by BF-109 pilots, as soon as the Americans were aware, they had sent out P-51's after the BF-109's, some BF-109 pilots were even shot down by the Gunners from the B24's. It was stated that around 6 109 pilots didn't eject after ramming the bombers and were KIA.
  21. Sonderkommando "Special Command" Elbe "River of Elbe" "Sonderkommando "Elbe" was the name of a World War II Luftwaffe task force assigned to bring down heavy bombers by ramming aircraft into them mid-air. The tactic aimed to cause losses sufficient to halt or at least reduce the Western Allies' bombing of Germany. The pilots were expected to parachute out either just before or after they had collided with their target. The chances of a Sonderkommando Elbe pilot surviving such a practice were low, at a time when the Luftwaffe was lacking sufficient numbers of well-trained pilots. The aircraft of choice for this mission was usually a later version of the Messerschmitt Bf 109, stripped of armor and armament, The heavily stripped-down planes had one synchronized machine gun usually in the upper engine cooling. One of the most famous reports of cockpit ramming was against a Consolidated B-24 Liberator heavy bomber, nicknamed "Palace of Dallas", along with another bomber that the German plane careened into after slicing the cockpit of the Palace of Dallas". A 1944 drawing by Helmuth Ellgaard illustrating "ramming". A damaged B-17 bomber that managed to land after a ramming attempt by a Bf 109. "The Messerschmitt BF 109 of Unteroffizier Heinrich Rosner that took part in the ramming down the B 24 Liberator “Palace of Dallas” (of the 389th Bomb Group) as well as a second and unknown B 24 Liberator. The fact he successively rammed two planes with a single fighter and lived is nothing short of amazing." The Absoloutely brilliant documentary on the Luftwaffe's Deadliest mission.
  22. I'm going to say one of the worst mistakes Germany made was The Blitz, causing Britain to intervene with them in the war which caused the Battle of Britain yet already being in a war with the US & Poland, the Germans lost the battle and lost a good chunk of their superior aircraft especially the BF-109's.
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