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  1. Failure to stick to possible plan of invading Russia/Declaring war on America. The lack of tactical knowledge Hitler had,combined with changing the original, reinforcing plan, alongside lack of supply line posts in occupied Russia, destroyed the Reich. America was just there for credit, aside North Africa.
  2. This picture is based off a war photo of a corporal, next to two camouflaged Germans.
  3. This was my fifth drawing, depicting a BAR PFC in the pacific. Note the mud on the boots and pants, alongside the soft-looking twill uniform, as he held onto, probably bribing or getting permission from his CO.
  4. This was my first drawing, which is a paratrooper in a shallow trench.
  5. That's exactly why I made this poll. I didn't realize how small it was, I thought it was longer and wider..
  6. You're also missing the M3 Grease gun, which is easy to produce, has a slow-ish fire rate, and feels great to fire.
  7. MP40- Awesome fire rate, in the butterzone, looks good in carbon black, and has a good mag size. PPSH is easy to produce and has a large magazine, yet the fire rate and accuracy are high and low, respectively.
  8. Cuz we're not all allies (lol) Choose based off your opinion, and explain how it could've been better. (i.e.Tiger's engine)
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