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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Take a look at the site we’re developing at www.warbitz.com You’ll find Auctions, listings and storefront functionality. Please don’t judge the site just yet as we’re still working on it. It totally free to use and we will be running features on cool stuff on War History Online which has around 10 million views a month. When we launch we will be launching by listing some pretty impressive stuff - including vehicles - from a very impressive collector that we all know the name of. If you have something listed on the forum classifieds then I would really appreciate your help - if you had time - on the Warbitz site and let me have your feedback and of course leave it there for when we go live. It will get in the front of millions - we expect to give live in around 2-3 weeks, once we have the full inventory from the aforementioned collector. If you have something for sale then please feel free to upload it to the site and let me know your feedback. You can add video, stacks of images and fully manage your own listing/s. Check out the features of the your listing/of the site below - really is pretty slick :-) Features https://www.warbitz.com/index.php?a=28&b=135
  2. Totally agree!!! Anything from WW2 is great and the way they make movies these days is brilliant, such detail.
  3. Not Bob


    Welcome sir and thank you for your service.
  4. Film trivia - C-47 Dakota’s The filming that focused on the air scenes were all completed in 1976, at the beginning of September. This culminated in a number of air drops of approximately 1,000 men, as well as supplies being dropped by several Dakota aircraft. Joseph E. Levine Presents Incorporated (the film company) procured these Dakotas. All aircraft that were used had to be licensed to officially carry passengers and be fully registered. There was originally a deal to purchase ten, but this deal failed when airframes on two failed to have the required jump doors. In total, eleven Dakotas were brought; four were bought by Levine and seven more were loaned while filming.
  5. Not Bob


    Welcome aboard sir :-)
  6. Not Bob


    Welcome aboard sir :-)
  7. Not Bob

    War Thunder

    War Thunder has a massive following and the graphics are simply amazing. I know a lot of people prefer War Thunder over WoT.
  8. Thanks for sharing Thomas and I follow the guys on Facebook too - they do an amazing job.
  9. I think you can pick up F$s pretty cheap now - in civvy spec of course!
  10. Not Bob


    Nice to meet you Peter :-)
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