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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Carriers turned standard naval war on it's head... And although their design for speed helped keep them in service,, I also think it was based largely on nostalgia... They just kept upgrading its weapons and such in ways that helped it stay useful... However at some point other ships could use those same weapons in a more cost effective fashion... With the exception ofc of the 16" Main Guns...
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    Welcome aboard, Bob!
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    Hi, I'm from Northern Indiana and have been reading about WWII mostly since I was a child... OFC I was born in 1960 and although to me at the time that War seemed far away, since then I have come to realize it wasn't that long in the past by the time of my birth... I do mostly follow WWII stuff I do pay attention to other conflicts and read some of the articles about them... I'm not a source of historical facts by any means... I follow this in order to learn from those who have studied these things... One thing that has dawned on me though, there seems to be very little in the way of Middle Eastern Wars outside of the Crusades here for some reason... I always found the "6 Day" War to be very interesting myself...
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    3 Myths Of The Montana Class Battleships

    I didn't even realize there were 2 different classes of BS at the end of WWII... I thought they were all Iowa class... Obviously I wasn't paying enough attention to the photos or I would have noticed the different number of turrets at least, lol...