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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Germany had NEVER attempted amphibious landings. all their successes were in the blitz, that's where they were successful. Royal Navy was Best in world. anytime they had to fight block to block , house to house they lost. like in Stalingrad. They had to score a quick knock out cause they were limited in their resources. However there were other things they could have done to beat Britain. Like had they produced more u boats cause at that time the u boats were KING! Would have starved Britain into submission without drawing the u.s. into war. also the battle for Britain was lost cause Hitler decided to start bombing cities instead of RAF. Again terrible use of resources that could have destroyed Britain. Britain at the time could not beat Germany. But Hitler wouldn't give it a go without air superiority. They would have been getting bombed all day and could only move at night. Royal Navy would have been kept in check by the guns at Calais
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