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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. William Beal


    Well Jon - You've come to the right place. Many interesting topics on a daily basis. My wife's uncle lost a leg in France after D-Day with the Canadian Army. Caused difficulty for the rest of his life as the other leg was also shattered. Canadian government set up an apprenticeship as a diamond cutter and eventually moved to New York and worked in the diamond center. Married my wife's Aunt in England. A great guy - brought many family members both to Canada and the States. Interesting family - they live in Canada, Australia and UK. Anyway - he was part of the greatest generation - they don't make them that way anymore.
  2. William Beal


    Understand that many of the German units that manned the Atlantic Wall were not ethnic Germans but enlisted in the conquered territories including Russians. Returned to Russia most were either killed of imprisoned.
  3. William Beal


    Really wonderful story. Yes - WWII was a communal effort by all. Interesting article recently about the Yanks that joined the commonwealth forces prior to Pearl Harbor. Never forget that special generation that served so well. Bless them all!!
  4. William Beal


    Really great story.
  5. William Beal


    Such an international group. Great!! Retired military 32 years Navy/Coast Guard. Great interest in military history all my life. I was a kid during WWII and remember my friends older brothers going off to war. Remember the Pearl Harbor announcement sitting in my grand mothers living room. Great interest in British military history, WWI, WWII and the American Civil War to name a few. Bill Beal