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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. An MP in Britain is demanding huge reparation pounds for damage Germans did during WW2 in POLAND Poland never paid for lands tthey took from Germans who were brought to Poland in 1700 to bring their agriculture to a successful state At the request Of Catherine thre Great. The Polish government allowed Polish people to take the land and possessions owned by German farmers ans chase them from Poland as refugees ]
  2. I just read in war Historythat the Soviet Union worked with China in helping the North Koreans to bring this war to a stalemate' As a veteran of WW2 I onlyknew that the Chinese helped drive the allies to make an end to this war. If any information is available from War History or members Please post same Edgerton Forsyth
  3. I think veterans of ww2 were lucky tanks prevented the artillery massive bombardments over months. My father Norman was a gunner in ww1 48tth battey Canaian Artillery, He suffered shell shock and it affecte his life after discharge. I severed in WW2 in a RCEME workshop for 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade I think the soldiers in ww1 suffered more stress than we in WW2 because of the use of artillery instead of tanks to advance an d take territory and prisoners.. We were targets for some 88mm artillery units who had our position determined and it was stressful until mwe were allowed to move > to live through this daily for months would we more stressfull. Any comments. WW1 must have been more stressful for those in trenches than we in ww2 because we were on the move more. Ed
  4. The British Commonwealth would have better honoured their Fallen if they had adopted a policy of repatriation of the Remains of their Fallen unless the next of kin specifically decide thet did not want their loved ones' Rem ains brought home. The Americans to their credit bhave brought their Fallen's RFemains back to USA unless next of kin said NO. The question that has not been answered for my inquiries is "WHO OWNS THE REMAINS OF OUR FAllen?" ANY ANSWERS i THINK THE NEXT OF KIN MUST BE THE RIGHT ANSWER. Ed Forsyth ww2 CANAdian Army Veteran
  5. Itcould be useful to have a summary of weaponry by where made, which nation used it , for tanks , fighter palnes, bombers., artillery, and manpower to better analyze who best armend and possbly losses for each in combat and captured
  6. The Russians may have fielded the most tanks against the Germans but why not say who made them Did not America funded and sent gret quantities to Russia Ed
  7. The British people and the soldiers from Canada then in Britain and the spirit of the people led by Churchill and the Royal Family who never left created a force that the Nazis would not conquer for years. The Nazis had their hands full standing ,the Russians off. They Nazis did not have anything similar to Dieppe to learn how to make a landing. B ombs alone will not conquer Ed
  8. I think they did not have the resources to outlast ,the Allies Ed
  9. Hi I think the next of kin in a democratic society are the persons who created their son or daughter and must always have the final say. I can send you by e-mail my studies of how the situation came about without any input from the
  10. Hi Joris thanks for your note. Of which nationality are you ? If you able to support the Repatriation cause please do what you can. The question of who owns the Remains must be a problem in many countries . Any opinion ? Regards Ed
  11. Hi Joris?? I assume this is your name . I have been to Grosbeek Cemetery and thanks to the Netherlanders the cemeteries are well cared for and the children are taught of the war and who helped to give their freedom back. I think the best honouring Canadians can provide to Their Fallen is to bring Their Remains home. Who knows what will happen in the future. There are recent reports that over 25000 grave markers are in need of repair. With DNA technology 20000 of the Fallen in over 60 countries might be identified so their grave markers could be identified My e-mail address is fb56653@gmail.com if you wish to know more of the history of Our Fallen I serve with 4th Canadian Armoured Division enlisting at 18 yrs in 1942 form Normandy in July 1944 through France an d Belgium into Holland at Bergen op Zoom to Vught where we stayed until Feb 1945.beside the concentration camp Then to the Rhine at Kleve to clear the south side. Back in March acroos at Emmerich and in and out of Germany an d Holland to Varel Germany. Back ionto Holland to Hengelo in mid May. Ed Forsyth
  12. ed forsyth

    ed forsyth

    The USA seems to be the only country that has brought back to their homeland their Fallen unless the next of kin specifically refused the offer. Question Who owns the Remains of The Fallen from foreign lands All Commonwealth Fallen were buried in the land where they died. In Canada there was a change in policy in 1970 there was a change in policy and now new Fallen are returned. There have been some exceptions The Unknown for the Tomb in Ottawa was brought home and the only id was he was a Fallen from WW1 No authority in Canada has answered the question re ownership of the Remains no Referendum has been held ; so is there a shame existing now for over 120 years that Canadians have created and continued by successive Governments ?? over 100.000 of Canadian Fallen are buried in over 60 countries
  13. What do members think of how different countries treat and honour their fallen when they are killed in foreign lands The countries of the British Commonwealth at the end of the 1914-1918 War created the Commonwealth War Graves Commission They decided that all their Fallen would be buried in the countries where they died. This established the practice that seemed to assume they owned the Remains of the Fallen, No consultation was made of the next of kin by Canadian Governments for Their Fallen. No study has been made of other Commonwealth Countries. In 1970 the Canadian Government decided that the Remains all future Fallen would be repatriated to Canada > Again next of kin had no in put or choice. The United States have been consistent with their policy which resulted in all their fallen would have their Remains brought home to the USA except for my those where the next of kin specifically requested their loved ones would be buried in country where they died. No study has been made of other countries and their policies Perhaps other countries have rules for Repatriation or non Repatriation and will contribute . The attachments will show the Shame that has been created by past governments in the treatment of Canada's Fallen and the unequal Honouring of Canadian Fallen DISCUSSION OF REPATRIATION OF CANADA'S FALLEN.doc Canada's Policy on Burial of Fallen from Foreign lands.doc American Battle Monuments Commission.doc Poem to Our Fallen.doc
  14. Hi I believe the Sherman as equipped was the right choice for the Normandy to Germany campaign fast and adequate firepower. The mods Canadians made by adding cladding of old tracks parts saved a lot of lives. Ed Forsyth 4th DIV
  15. sept letter to mp's on Repatriation.doc
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