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    Where in the world are your from?

    Joris, please add Romania as well. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, as a Romanian I might be seen as not impartial about this subject, and obviously I cannot be. Therefore, I will write here, what we, as Romanians know about this fact, and generally talking about Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler as the westerners know him. When Vlad lead his men into the enemy camp, they were dressed as the Sultan personal guards, which did help a lot to advance deep into the camp, and that was the main reason of the internal fight issued between different ottomans units, as they witness what look like the Sultan own Guards unit tried to kill their king. First, let's this sink here for a little bit, as the whole action said volumes about Vlad personality, intelligence, courage and so on. Which one of us, regardless of nationality, religion, skin color, and so on, would not want to have nowadays a leader like this to follow into a battle for your own country survival?!? Secondly, what I'll say now about his other actions that make him to be even now hundreds of years later, one of the most beloved ruler that we have in our history, is the fact that deep into the medieval times when lords, and other nobility high or low ranking, were able to do whatsoever they want on their land, he Vlad, make one law available for everyone living in our country. NOBODY who will steal, lie, rape, kill, and so on, will end up been impaled. And most important he started from the top punishing all those accused of those crimes and if judged and proven guilty, regardless of their rank, they be impaled. That was unthinkable at those times for the ordinary people to see justice when it come to complain against nobility for different crimes. On other hand this contribute to his downfall, because majority of those nobles seeing those actions as a threat to their way of living and they plots against his rule with whoever could bring him down, from the Turks to Hungarians. As a result when he went to ask for help from Matei Corvin (an old Romanian noble family from Transylvania which in order to become Kings of Hungary converted to Catholicism and change their names to have Hungarians resonance), or Mathias Corvin as he's know, for the fight against Ottomans, he's put in prison where he get a promise from Matei Corvin, that he'll support Vlad in the fight against the Ottomans, if he will convert to Catholicism (Vlad was Christian Orthodox as most of his people) as well and swear allegiance to the Hungarian Crown. Now it is unclear if he died there in prison (Vlad never bow to any except to God and his country), or after years of imprisonment upon his release, his cousin Stefan (which was the Moldavian King at that time) have him killed, reasons still unknown for sure (of course some speculations are there, but not any hard evidence). Now I do hope that this will bring few details maybe unknown to many people about Vlad. Thanks for your time. C B
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    Hi Joris, thanks for replying me, and whenever you'll be interested to come and visit this part of the world, let me know so I can help. Just a short advice if I may, all this area is rich in history from ancient times to nowadays, therefore it may take more than one trip to hear, see and/or visit everything. Anyway, everything start with a first step, so I'll be glad to be of any help. Till then, all the best ! C B
  4. Costi Bosneag

    Where in the world are your from?

    I'm from Romania, please add that too.
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    Hi Rehan Ali, nowadays into this world that we live, the fact that you admit about yourself that you're a ''nerd and a coward'' show courage and honesty. And from what I've seen in my life experience around the world, those that live a settled life, dream of an adventurous one, and those that live on the edge, dream of settled one. Keep in touch. C B
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    Who am I? To answer that question here, I should wrote my life story and it will take to long and I am not sure that most will be interested or willing to waste their time reading it. Maybe, who knows, at some point there will be a book to contain all those details, but till then short side of the story is: born in Bucharest, Romania, in August 1970, I was attracted from early years to history. And war history is were humanity wrote their worst and best facts, their supreme good deeds entwined with most vicious evil ones. Also it seems that it run in my family, because one of my grandmother brother was an officer in Romanian Royal Army during WW1 (for many nights as a kid, I've listen to war stories from my grandad) so the seed of interest in War History was planted in those long winter nights of my early childhood. Many years later life deem me worthy to have my own share of war stories and now I live near one of the battle fields of WW1 (less than a mile from where my log cabin is). To all my guest that rent my log cabin at the foot of Carpathian Mountains, I like to tell them about the battle that took place there 100 years ago, and if they are interested, I take them to the military graveyard and the battle field that surround it. On the way to the scene I also tell them the anti-communist partisans that fought in this area , for 9-12 years after the WW2. Honestly, I am interested in all War History, not just WW1 or WW2. I do hope that here we can all share knowledge and experiences that could in some cases bring the need it answers or just clear some wrongly ideas put it there by people who either are misguided or with bad intentions. Hopefully this give you all an idea of who am I, and if any of you are interested to know more, do not hesitate to contact me. Till then, I wish you all the best ! Costi Bosneag