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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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    Why are you interested in War History?

    TL;DR ---grew up as an army brat, lived in Virginia, Germany, Hawaii, Florida and Okinawa- and I am a 3rd generation immigrant (from Sicily,Spain and the deep south of the USA .... and one thing lead to another. all of which have had roles in various periods of war. so i had 21 years of exposure to the battlegrounds, the peoples, cultures etc of the after effects/history after the various periods of warfare and so on... initially - as a kid - i was more interested in the physical things that i could see,touch, climb over, walk around in... (castles, tanks, air planes and such) but in youth-i was sort of listening/learning the history of them...but- not really understanding... then there were all of the memorials to the dead and the survivors of the conflicts-which led to learning the stories behind the conflicts,memorials and such -but those tended to be quite general broad sweeping generalizations. as i grew older- i came to realize that things had a lot more behind them than what i had been picking up. a memorial that i saw as a child of 8 or so years old- that after seeing only once- remained with me since.... but- since i was under the age that they allowed into the actual site- i did not know what it all meant until quite some years later when i got into a discussion about the camps in an on-line WW2 flight sim game i was playing in the late 90's -see below i spent years playing AirWarrior (a WW2/WW1 flight combat sim)- and a lot of players there- were history buffs- and a lot of chats went on talking about the various planes and such- and then conversations would wander off into other aspects of the wars- discussions about various air champagnes and such- and then - there was this guy Earl.... turns out he was an actual WW2/Korean/Viet Nam pilot who would share stories about "what i did today" - he had kept his log books of his flights and would share them with us. i think that is when i really started digging into history even more- actually having someone that was not only sharing his experiences- but would actually have conversations with people about them- random questions answered as it were... here is his obit and brief history) https://couleecremation.com/obituaries/earl-dutch-miller/ and to sum up why i have such a liking of the older war histories such as the Crusades, the Age of Sail, and so on... lets just say-one thing leads to another...