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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Hello gents / ladies I just happen to log in Facebook and see your post. (Title) It starts with Hitlers Invasion of Russia. However the turn of events leading up to Russia was Hitlers failure. As we all know America Canada and England met and talked about Lend / Lease. Giving England suppiles which they needed badly. Canada And commonwealth was also sending men to all branches of the forces #1 Hilter failed to reinforce it's U-boats and stop Shipping to England early on and lost many of its forces in the atlantic later on. #2 Hitler lost the Battle of Britian Due to many factors ( Radar, False reports on Fighter numbers / Production and airfields and bombing London giving RAF to rebuild) The Stuka dive bomber from the start of the war. Was now deemed obsolete Because of the loss of its numbers During the BoB. Germany's only precision bomber of the time. With the win of Battle of Britian the RAF now could rebuild and England a staging point of North America #3 Attacking Russia : Stalin and Hitler signed a non aggression pact. Which part of the deal was that Stalin under "Good faith" Supplied German with Oil Metal and other goods Attacking Russia stopped this. Also many talk about "Russian winters" However the events leading up to winter were just as bad for Germany. Rasputitsa Or "General Mud" is a phenomenon that occurs with autumnal rains and spring thaws in Russia, whereby transport over unimproved roads is made difficult by muddy conditions Many Russian roads were and are unpaved which would answer the question why Hitler did not dress his men for the coming winter Hitler's Failure was thinking that Russia would of been capable of Attacking under the same conditions. Russia did not have a airforce comparable to the Luftwaffe or production needed for a offence drive at that time. My 2 cents..