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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Vietnam in WW II

    Here's one for you, my dad was with the 1st Combat Cargo and had to fly from India to Vietnam to pick up an O.S.S. officer. They circled the air strip in Saigon but never got the signal from the agent. Could they be one and the same?
  2. Vietnam in WW II

    I was watching the Ken Burns special on Vietnam. It gave a great history of Vietnam and our involvement during WW II. An O.S.S. officer was going to meet with Ho but was shot dead by a Vietnamese sentry. What's weird, my dad flew with the 1st Combat Cargo out of China. He related a story of flying to Sigeon to pick up an agent. They flew around the tower waiting for a flare designating the pick up. It never came, nothing on the radio. So, my dad had warned the pilot about loitering to long. They had to bail out over occupied China. I hadn't thought much about it until last night. They had killed the guy so, my, my, not pick up. My dad never learned about the fate of the O.S.S. agent. My dad passed away in 1999.
  3. Pay It Forward

    I was wondering if the German soldier got paid. I know we did, like the $50 extra for jump school.