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  1. Timothy Day

    Marines at Chsin??

    Sorry Gen Smith, it was Gen Almond, and the 2 Col's were Maclean & Col Faith. The Marine that won the Navy Cross was Capt Ed Stamford a forward observer for Marine Air.
  2. Timothy Day

    Marines at Chsin??

    Funny how something as 'sacred' as the Chosin is to Marines, you would find it hard to believe that the Army actually kept the road open at the south end of the reservoir. 3000 men of the 7th Div were on the east side when the Chinese struck. Unfortunately Gen Smith was as over confident as MacArthur. The 2 Cols in charge of the 300 men had poor communications, when they did get through they requested more ammo first aide and radios. Gen Smith replied with "Get off your last asses and make your way south. He didn't realize, like MacArthur there were nom Chinese in the war. They held out with brutal cold and brutal Chinese attacks at night. Of the 3000 men 1000 made it to the road junction and coupled with the 4 days they held out brought to 5 days, enough time for the Marines to fight their way south. Smith had really bad mouthed the 7th Div and it's leaders, one of which was a Marine. They both lost their lives, the Army later awarded the Col a Medal of Honor and the Marine the Navy Cross. There has never been any press about it b ecause the DOA believed Gen Smith's rendition of the fight. 2000 of the 8000 missing soldiers in Korea were at Chosin.
  3. Timothy Day

    Vietnam in WW II

    Here's one for you, my dad was with the 1st Combat Cargo and had to fly from India to Vietnam to pick up an O.S.S. officer. They circled the air strip in Saigon but never got the signal from the agent. Could they be one and the same?
  4. Timothy Day

    Vietnam in WW II

    I was watching the Ken Burns special on Vietnam. It gave a great history of Vietnam and our involvement during WW II. An O.S.S. officer was going to meet with Ho but was shot dead by a Vietnamese sentry. What's weird, my dad flew with the 1st Combat Cargo out of China. He related a story of flying to Sigeon to pick up an agent. They flew around the tower waiting for a flare designating the pick up. It never came, nothing on the radio. So, my dad had warned the pilot about loitering to long. They had to bail out over occupied China. I hadn't thought much about it until last night. They had killed the guy so, my, my, not pick up. My dad never learned about the fate of the O.S.S. agent. My dad passed away in 1999.
  5. Timothy Day

    Pay It Forward

    I was wondering if the German soldier got paid. I know we did, like the $50 extra for jump school.