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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Paul Riccoboni

    One on one fight Hitler vrs Stalin

    Stalin was much older than Adolf of corse but i think Stalin hands down. Hitler was a little weasel failed art student.
  2. Paul Riccoboni

    Hitler's Strategic Mistakes

    Yew agree with all that. Just wanted to quickly add Hitlers major mistake was indeed not taking Moscow as he diverted central divisions south which led to the battle for Stalingrad which was the turning point in the war where the myth of nazis was destroyed and people realised they could and would be beaten.
  3. Indeed. Why the yanks allowed them to keep face by keeping their god emperor is beyond me. They should have forced a total unconditional surrender like the allies did by carpet bombing german cities. The japs killed thousands at pearl harbour a total unprovoked attack on the USA itself justification enough for total surrender upon american victory let alone the millions of chinese killed and raped.