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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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  1. Curtis

    15th Air Force

    NP, Joris! I don't think that the U.S. is a warrior nation at heart, but it has been known to stick up for itself and other countries when necessary. We aren't perfect, but I sometimes wonder what the world would be like today if the U.S. hadn't stepped up during WW II to do the right thing. Take care!
  2. I've seen your uncle on Lawman many times over the years! Always thought he looked very suave with that moustache!! If you know his date of birth, date of death and perhaps his SSN, you can request copies of his military service record documents from the National Archives. These records are housed in St. Louis, but there was a significant fire in the warehouse there in 1973 and many records were lost/destroyed as a result. However, it never hurts to submit a request since your uncle's records may have survived the fire. The Social Security Administration maintains a "master death record" for social security recipients that have passed, and this information is searchable, in case you don't have his SSN. Good luck with your research!!
  3. Curtis

    15th Air Force

    11 December 2017 My father, 1st Lt. Curtis G. Green, Jr. was a B-24 command pilot with the 15th Air Force in Italy in 1944. He was assigned to the 484th Bomb Group and subsequently the 461st Bomb Group. He flew combat missions from May – September, 1944. A severe case of malaria forced his evacuation to CONUS in October, 1944. His father, Curtis G. Green, Sr was an Ensign in the Navy during WW I. His aunt, Kate Green, was a Yeoman in the Navy during WW I. Dad had two cousins, Chester Green, Jr. and Howard Green who also served during WW II. Chester Green was a Sgt/Gunner on a B-26 bomber that was shot down over Germany in December, 1944. Howard Green was a Signalman with the Navy. I would be interested in exchanging information about similar military histories with other folks here on the site. Regards, Curtis
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