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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Began "Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers" by Daniel Ellsberg a few days ago and finding it a slow starter. I hope it picks up or it'll held back for long journeys.
  2. It was; I hadn't come across this story before though there's plenty of info online. interesting was the claim that the Avengers were partly funded by selling forged British five pound notes from Operation Bernhard on the black market. Of interest too is the possibility of a cover-up at Langwasser SS PoW camp. The group managed to poison the prisoners with arsenic, sickening a number between 1970 and 2200 without causing any known fatalities. There are claims of hundreds, possibly thousands of deaths. Did the US authorities cover-up?
  3. Rich Cohen's 'The Avengers: A Jewish War Story' details some of the groups activities so I've got that in my Amazon basket.
  4. On UK TV tonight at 2100 GMT (Channel 4) a new documentary on a Holocaust survivors plot to mass poison German civilians. I've not heard of this story before - anyone else?
  5. M Courouble, the author, admits he's a journalist rather than a historian which makes for a more personal style. The "riddle" itself isn't solved: there are a number of hypotheses to consider. The majority of sources are word-of-mouth, from journals or from memoirs with the occasional eyewitness account - of course, an official record would ruin the mystery. If my language skills were any better I'd read it in the original French as it feels a bit clunky in English. Ignoring that, it is worth reading and I found checking some of the sources interesting. The book is not easy to find, at least not secondhand. I bought my copy direct from the publisher, Les Presses du Midi.
  6. With pleasure. I didn't realise it would be quite as polarising.
  7. I'm about to start reading 'The Riddle of the Wooden Bombs' by Pierre-Antoine Courouble following an article on this site, which attempts to prove that the "dummy bombs on dummy airfields" is more than urban legend. I can't say any more at the moment other than it's both well-illustrated and well-sourced.
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