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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. Michael Shultis

    Was Robert E Lee overrated

    If Lee fought Grant or Sherman in 1861. The war would've been over by summer 1862. Lee's greatness can be attributed to two things. The ineptitude of early pre Meade general's and the true greatness of his subordinates. Longstreet and mainly Jackson. Look what happened with good union Generals and the disappearance of both of those confederate generals, Lee was once again mortal.
  2. Michael Shultis

    Was Robert E Lee overrated

    He fought against inferior union generals early on and most of all, he had jackson. If Meade or grant fought him early on, the war would've been over much sooner
  3. Michael Shultis

    Was Robert E Lee overrated

    Lee was a good tactician. He was not a very good strategist.
  4. Was Robert E Lee a good general or did he excell because of his subordinates?