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  1. amazing.something worth visiting in the future. Thanks for the video post.
  2. the second Churchill tank manufactured was the best as it proved itself with Montgomery and his men. the German 88 was also a choice.
  3. WoW.. Again I stress the importance of this site, and the Museums to keep all the fallen and the heroics of every man and woman from all sides that were involved in the world wars alive..LET THERE MEMORY NEVER FADE.
  4. Watched the movie thinking it was just a movie, interesting to read that this was true..Thanks for the post.
  5. Not to piss on your shoes mate, all was explained in the article and fairly common knowledge. but thanks for submitting a shorter version of the article..LoL
  6. Hello all. I would like to know about the different squadrons of South Africa and the pilots that were involved, if possible any South Africans that were in the Tank battles and the various infantry as well. Anything interesting or stories of bravery. I am aware South Africa cheetah squadron flew Mustangs and spits. I am not sure if they flew P40's.. were any South African pilots involved with the bombing of Germany ?. Anyway that would be my 1 Shilling's worth of questions. Regards.
  7. Hello.please try to get more to read. I could read all day on lost / hidden messages . Very fascinating.
  8. Great story on a Nazi. Great that war history covers all sides. I like that we can read on everyone involved.
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