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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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  1. I read about that in a plane book I have. The pilot's name was Robert Johnson I think, and his plane was "Half Pint"
  2. Play War Thunder and you could do just that, match them up against a Bf 109 or Fw
  3. It's a show about a detective during WW2 who solves crimes that people commit on the homefront. Very realistic, no CGI or anything like that. It pays attention to history. You have to watch it closely though to pay attention to detail, so you can get the mystery. My family and I are going to visit England this August, and I plan to visit Hastings and Dover there, maybe take the chunnel over to Dunkirk. Lots of history.
  4. I agree. P-47 is best for ground attack, P-51 is best for dogfighting, and P-38 could go either way.
  5. I live in Northern New Jersey. So I've been to the Intrepid in New York a lot. And the Air and Space Museum in DC. Whereabouts ain England are you from?
  6. You're British? England is great. Yeah I was bummed when that happened with the USAAF. But i did stick at it and now I'm shooting planes down a lot faster now.
  7. Pretty much the only game I play. You'll Love it, especially if you play a while. War thunder is much better than world of tanks in my opinion because it is more focused on realism like how the shell hits the tank, or the bullet hits the plane. It puts a lot of attention into detail. What country are you playing? I play america cuz I'm American but they don't have the best planes at the lower levels. Germans and japanese have more canons than machine guns, which makes it easier to shoot others down.
  8. War thunder is much better. It pairs you up with people of your vehicle rank, but Idk about your skill rank.
  9. That's alright! P-40 is a good plane, even if it was an older one. Have you ever played the game war thunder?
  10. I hope to fly in one of them some day! It's on my bucket list.
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